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Mungiakami Police seized huge amount of dry cannabis
TIWN Sep 9, 2021
Mungiakami Police seized huge amount of dry cannabis
PHOTO : Mungiakami Police seized huge amount of dry cannabis. TIWN Pic Sep 9, 2021

AGARTALA, Sep 9 (TIWN): Illegal items smuggling is on peak in Tripura, often smugglers arrest, showing thumb smuggling cases in Tripura increasing rampantly but Police failed to arrest the main criminal behind the drug network. Reportedly, Mungiakami Police arrested a 12 wheeler lorry with dry cannabis weighing 317 Kg.

While Mungiakami Police were on special search operation at Mungiakami area, they noticed a 12 wheeler lorry register Number- PBCT9775 was on the way from Agartala. Accordingly police conducted a search operation in the vehicle and recovered 317 Kg dry cannabis from the lorry. 

The lorry was on the way to Bihar and the dry cannabis was loaded from Agartala, said a Police official and the seized huge amount of cannabis estimated amount will be Rs 20 lakhs. Police detained the lorry driver and started an investigation. 

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