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The Main Question is .......... 'Who gives Employment Data to Tripura's CM and EM ??'
TIWN March 22, 2021
The Main Question is .......... 'Who gives Employment Data to Tripura's CM and EM ??'
PHOTO : Left : CM Biplab Deb, Right : Education Minister Ratanlal Nath.

AGARTALA, March 22 (TIWN): Who are the officials giving various kinds of Data on Employment Generation to Tripura CM Biplab Deb and Education Minister Ratanlal Nath which are clashing with each others in facts and figures ? Because, such kinds of data not only create confusion among the people but also Biplab Deb and Ratanlal Nath undergo major faceloss due to such variant data. The way Biplab Deb was being trolled in social media yesterday, the resentment of unemployed youths was visible. In this condition question raises, who are the officials behind such data information to the Chief Minister which are actually helping the critics and causing insults to Deb. Various types of data on employment generation by CM Biplab Deb amid high unemployment rates in Tripura are erupting resentments. Netizens have trolled CM Biplab Deb in his social media page and media houses social pages also. Along with CM, Education Minister Ratanlal Nath is also getting trolled as he also gave another kind of data on unemployment.

A netizen has said, "Brain Crack", whereas another netizen has said, "JUMLA". More comments for both Ratanlal Nath and Biplab Deb came as "apas mein decide kar lo pehele...", "I don't want to use slang... That's it", "CM is tall and so his data is tall and EM is short and so his data too". 

At first it was Biplab Deb who said that 14,798 Jobs were given by his Govt and then followed by controversy, Education Minister Ratanlal Nath says 2,944 Jobs were only given and after the question was raised in Assembly, now Biplab Deb said that around 9,400 jobs were given under regular posts. 

"The left leaders are liars. They lie at the Assembly also. From 2005 to 2017, in 12 years only around 14,000 jobs were given by the previous Govt", claimed Biplab Deb. However, whatever data he says, but till now could not show any list of the jobs holders. In last 3 years as per Law Minister Ratanlal Nath only 2,944 jobs were given. It was MLA Sudip Roy Barman who asked Biplab Deb and Ratanlal Nath about whose data is correct. 

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