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BJP's Night-Violence in Hapania : Many injured
TIWN March 6, 2021
BJP's Night-Violence in Hapania : Many injured
PHOTO : Man injured in BJP's violent attack at Hapania. TIWN Pic March 6, 2021

AGARTALA, March 6 (TIWN): On Friday night, BJP's terror was witnessed in Hapania TMC hospital lined areas. In this attack children, women, minors nobody was spared and the incident led up to robbery as gold necklaces were snatched from women. But as expected, Police did not arrest a single person in this connection.

A local BJP member's daughter's birthday which is today, started with a pre-birthday celebration from yesterday night and when the party was heated up, the BJP workers started seeking donations from house to house and when the families denied to fund the BJP members, then women, kids all faced physical attacks. Gold necklace was snatched from housewives. BJP's Violence in Hapania did not spared BJP Families also, looted gold chains, beaten girls, women of the family seeking donations. TIWN YouTube Video March 6, 2021

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