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3 Wanted Criminals in Robbery Cases were arrested at Kailashahar
TIWN March 4, 2021
3 Wanted Criminals in Robbery Cases were arrested at Kailashahar
PHOTO : 3 robbers were arrested from Kailashahar. TIWN Pic March 4, 2021

AGARTALA, March 4 (TIWN): 3 robbers have been arrested in Kailashahar, Unakoti District. They were under rudder of police but with help of locals, police were successful to arrest them today.

They were caught in connection with the Unakoti Debtirtha robbery case with the initiative of local people. Out of these three arrested persons, one is a woman who has two daughters. 

A family was recently visiting the spot. The robbers told them that they would help them to see more views and took them to a far area. Getting a chance in the lonely area, the robbers threatened the family to give them all their ornaments. The robbers were successful in the loot operation after showing sharp weapons to them.

Today, locals have caught them and handed-over them to the police. The arrested persons are : Sujatar Rajbar, Shantilal Rajbar, Dhirendra Pandey.

They came under the suspects of the locals after they came today again in that area again. Locals asked them why they came there but they could not answer them properly. Then the locals interrogated them further but they tried to escape. Running behind them, at last the locals successfully caught them from a jungle. Later, they were handed-over to police. 

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