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Biplab Deb's Goonda-Raj ! After Attacking Badal Choudhury, BJP goons burnt CPI-M Party Office at Hrishyamukh
TIWN March 4, 2021
Biplab Deb's Goonda-Raj ! After Attacking Badal Choudhury, BJP goons burnt CPI-M Party Office at Hrishyamukh
PHOTO : Attack on Badal Choudhury, CPI-M Party office burnt. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, March 4 (TIWN): Tripura, UP like states' situations can be taken as warning sign for the West Bengal Voters who are in doubts whom to vote. Bengal voters can take lessons from Tripura where  politica-violence, murders, attacks have become parts of lives amid pathetic economic conditions. The 3rd Anniversary of Tripura BJP's Victory was observed amid violence, attack on opposition leaders. After attacking Badal Choudhury at Hrishyamukh, BJP goons allegedly have now set fire in the CPI-M Party office at Hrishyamukh. This party office is among hundreds of party offices in this small state which were burnt, attacked, vandalized. National media's massive coverage was seen on this incident of 'Attack on Badal Choudhury'. Opposition leader, Ex-CM Manik Sarkar has condemned the attack on the Deputy Opposition leader Badal Choudhury. The attack took place when CPI-M was observing a programme dedicated for Kokborok language movement's martyr Dhananjay Tripura.

CPI-M senior leaders and CPI-M's tribal wing Ganamukti Parishad jointly were observing the programme in Dhananjoy Tripura's home, that all of a sudden BJP hooligans attacked on the party workers and leaders. Badal Choudhury along with other leaders who were leaving the place after the programme conclusion were attacked. 

Badal Choudhury has received injuries in his head and was taken to Belonia hospital and after primary treatment he was released. The CPI-M members rushed to the SP Office and met him. Their vehicles of the opposition leaders were vandalized and they were damaged badly. Talking to media, Badal Choudhury said, "In which country we are living ? We are not allowed to pay tribute to the martyrs also !" 

"Not only me, all the people inside the car received injuries. You can see the condition of the vehicles. Now media has to decide whether it will speak up against such violent culture nurtured by the BJP in Tripura or not", Badal Choudhury told media. TIWN YouTube Video, Badal Choudhury's statement

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