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Fuel on Fire : Opposition leaders joined 10323 Teachers' Protests
TIWN Sep 23, 2020
Fuel on Fire : Opposition leaders joined 10323 Teachers' Protests
PHOTO : CPI-M, Congress top leaders joined 10323 teachers protest before the Secretariat. TIWN Pic Sep 23, 2020

AGARTALA, Sep 23 (TIWN): The opposition leaders from CPI-M and Congress have given full supports to 10323 teachers by joining them in their agitating spot. Their visits were followed by lathi-charge of police on the 10323 teachers when they were protesting before the Secretariat.

Congress Tripura President Pijush Biswas who is a renowned Advocate of Tripura High Court has reached there, slammed the Govt. He said, from Centre to State, the BJP Govt is always against their promises.He also said that as per SC's verdict, there is no problem to give jobs to 10323 teachers. Congress President Pijush Biswas called BJP Govt as "Inhuman", "Undemocratic" after lathi-charge on 10323 teachers. TIWN Video Sep 23,2020

CPI-M MLA, former Minister Badal Choudhury has also supported the teachers protest and a team of CPI-M also joined the protest. CPI-M former Minister, MLA Badal Choudhury supported 10323 Teachers protests. TIWN Video Sep 23, 2020


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