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Mask Enforcement Day observed in Tripura
TIWN Sep 19, 2020
Mask Enforcement Day observed in Tripura
PHOTO : Mask Enforcement Day observed in Agartala. TIWN Pic Sep 18, 2020

AGARTALA, Sep 19 (TIWN): Officials who are in duty of mask-enforcement has expressed surprises over how people are not obeying rules and not wearing masks amid pre-announcement over the 2 days long enforcement day announcement.  "Large section of people not obeying rules, even after mask-enforcement dates were pre-announced" : Official during Agartala markets checking. TIWN YouTube Video Sep 18, 2020

From morning violators were seen imposed with fines who were roaming without masks in public places amid Corona-Virus pandemic. Officials present on spot said that apart from mask-enforcement day, such drives are taken place regular basis in Tripura's various parts and it will continue on routine base. 

Talking to media in Agartala, ADM Animesh Dhar said, "Centering the Corona-virus pandemic and Govt's instruction, for long 2 days, we have started this drive. We are imposing penalties on all violators. Police dept is with us and they are helping us a lot. Although maximum people are aware but a large section of people are taking this matter very lightly, when over 90000 people are being infected everyday". Now fining charge is Rs. 200 as per Tripura Govt's rule.

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