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'Biplab Deb failed to control COVID situation in Tripura but expert in attacking Independent Media voices', says TIWN Editor, asked National Media to highlight Tripura issues during this Crisis period
TIWN Sep 17, 2020
'Biplab Deb failed to control COVID situation in Tripura but expert in attacking Independent Media voices', says TIWN Editor, asked National Media to highlight Tripura issues during this Crisis period
PHOTO : TIWN Editor in Facebook live talked about COVID situation, attacks on media after reporting.

AGARTALA / NEW YORK, Sep 17 (TIWN): Addressing on Thursday FB live, Editor Saumen Sarkar criticized attacks on Tripura medias, said 'Biplab Deb can't control COVID situation in Tripura but suppressing Media voices, his comments fueling attacks on Journalists and I request the National Media to highlight Tripura issues in this Crisis period"."Tripura's numbers of COVID-19 cases and mortality rates are in highest rate in Northeast. This is just because of the mismanagement under Chief Minister Biplab Deb as he is also holding the Health Ministry. However, this is not the first one which has cited mismanagement but back in February when Debasish Basu was working excellent as Health Secretary has been removed with no reasons led the increasing numbers of cases. There are massive problems in the oxygen supplying issue in GB hospital, which was witnessed from the month of February", he said.

"There are two buildings in GB NTH-1 and NTH-2 but the oxygen issue could not be repaired caused death of many. It happened because of misgovernance under Biplab Deb", said the Editor. TIWN Editor talked about COVID situations in Tripura, attacks on media after reporting. TIWN YouTube  Video Sep 16, 2020

At the very beginning of his live video, Saumen Sarkar explained about why has he started this independent media, he said that although he lives in USA but as being rooted in Tripura, he feels this is his responsibility to do something for the state and this could be the best work for the state by giving voices to the people.   

"I had been engaged with Tripura's issues when started to being associated with Tripura issues either it's from charitable works or working with the Govt. What I felt during that time that Tripura lacks an independent media and thus before 6 years, I started this media which is totally non-profitable and remained as an independent media. This media is independent, unbiased, non-profit and we function as the voice of the people. In US, I am from over a decade. News is not my profession, rather I am a technocrat", Sarkar said. 

"Second clarification is on, why do I come live ? Basically, right now in Tripura there is no Freedom of speech and people's voices are heavily suppressed compelled me to come live every week to raise the voice of the people. Lot of people, send me issues which they can't say in the state and thus on behalf of you, I raise the question", he said.  Coming to the topic, Saumen Sarkar has thanked the State Govt officials specially in the Health and in Police for their dedicated works and also Doctors, nurses, paramedical staffs who are working risking their lives.   

He further thanked national media, specially NDTV where eminent Journalist Ravish Kumar in his Prime Time show raised the issue of Tripura and exposed how the media are attacked in this state, referring CM Biplab Deb's threat to media on 11th September in Sabroom where he challenged to punish media. When journalists are raising voices, they are being thrashed.  "But one thing is clear that national media historically is not being bothered much about the situations in states of Northeast. They are interested only in big cities and bollywood news etc. But, NDTV like channels have worked very well. Media is called as the fourth pillar of democracy but here in Tripura a Chief Minister is seen threatening media openly and within 24 hours of his threat, journalist Parashar Biswas is severely because he criticized CM Biplab Deb for his threat to media", said Saumen Sarkar. 

"Tripura has already become a fascist Govt generating fear-psychosis in state. If anyone protests, s/he will be beaten, attacked. The Central BJP must replace Tripura's Chief minister who is failed to run even a single dept. Biplab Deb does not listen to the IAS, IPS officers also and many officers are going in voluntary retirement", said Sarkar. 

"Amid all problems, there is no initiative to solve the problems of the GB hospital and political interference are hampering the process further. When in midnight an MLA and an engineer have saved the patients by managing the oxygen pressure, rather was criticized by failed leadership of BJP Govt. Even Doctors are also afraid due to lack of basic infrastructure", said Sarkar. 

"Biplab Deb can't control COVID and all he can do is to suppress the media voices. That's why I request the national media to limelight on Tripura's situation further so that rest of the country knows about what's going on in the state", said Sarkar. 

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