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'Minister is involved in Cross Border Trafficking' : Tripura BJP's active member
TIWN Sep 15, 2020
'Minister is involved in Cross Border Trafficking' : Tripura BJP's active member
PHOTO : BJP worker accused Minister for nexus with Cross Border trafficking.

AGARTALA, Sep 15 (TIWN): Bringing serious allegations against 45 no Constituency's MLA and cabinet Minister, Manoj Kanti Deb, BJP member Amal Gope said that under his instructions illegal cross-border trafficking and ganja, phensedyl smugglings are going on.

On Tuesday BJP member Amal Gope came to Agartala press-club as his last hope to seek justice from CM. He said that before coming here he tried to inform CM Biplab Deb about it via writing letters but no actions or reply of that letter has been recieved from CM office. He also said that he informed both the MPs of the state i.e Rebati Mohan Tripura and Pratima Bhowmik but nothing could stop the illegal business. BJP member Amal Gope has raised serious allegations of illegal cross border trafficking against Kamalpur based MLA cum Cabinet Minister. TIWN YouTube Video Sep 15, 2020

He wrote in his letter that the 'position-holder" BJP activists threatened him saying MP Pratima Bhowmik knows everything about their business and they have her consent to continue the smuggling business. He also wrote that the local Minister of Kamalpur has stopped his child's education after he took step against their illegal activities, they also stopped his only way of earning, making him completely helpless.

After Tripura's BJP government came in power, smugglers built a huge empire if them across the state where if anyone raises a question like Amal Gope, the local leaders will snatch everything from him to supress his voice and left him in a helpless condition. However, the member took a brave step to come forward and raise his voice against the wrong, now it is to see what action will be taken by the CM Biplab Deb against the smuggler activists to stop the illegal human trafficking and drug smuggling empire if the State. 
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