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Middle aged man allegedly raped two minor sisters in Agartala
TIWN Sep 4, 2020
Middle aged man allegedly raped two minor sisters in Agartala
PHOTO : Childline members visited victim family's homes. TIWN Pic Sep 4, 2020

AGARTALA, Sep 4 (TIWN): In a dreadful incident, a middle aged man allegedly raped two minor girls of the same house in Agartala's Maharajganj area. On Friday after getting the information, the child line members visited the victim's house to investigate the matter.

Reportedly, on wednesday a middle aged man identified as Bijay Lal Saha who works in Kanara Bank sexually assaulted two minor girls of the same house where he is staying in rent. Both the accused and victim's family were staying in a rented house opposite to Kanara Bank in Maharajganj area. As the victim's father was out for work purpose and their mother works in a beauty parlour, the accused taking advantage of time sexually assaulted the minor sisters. It came to know that among the minor sisters, one is of 7 years and another one is only 4.
Reacting on this shameful incident, Child line member Nilima Ghosh said, "Most of the cases we investigate, we have noticed one common thing that people above 50 are committing such heinous crimes. They are more dangerous than beasts. I've talked with both the child and from their statements it is cleared that he had attempted the crime. The victims are too little, one is not even able to talk properly.  I will personally look after this case and will ensure that the accused gets arrested as soon as possible." 
However, from the day the crime occurred the accused is absconding. A case has been registered against him. And the Child line members are also trying to investigate the case properly.
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