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Ex-Health Minister Sudip Barman blasted Tripura Health Dept as ‘People dying like Insects’ : Cited a Dead-Body was thrown in Corridor for 3 days, found rotten ! Asked State Govt to Transfer of GB hospital’s Reluctant Senior Doctors
TIWN Sep 4, 2020
Ex-Health Minister Sudip Barman blasted Tripura Health Dept as ‘People dying like Insects’ : Cited a Dead-Body was thrown in Corridor for 3 days, found rotten ! Asked State Govt to Transfer of GB hospital’s Reluctant Senior Doctors
PHOTO : Left : GB hospital, COVID-deaths, Right : MLA Sudip Barman addressing media at Agartala Press Club. TIWN Photo.

AGARTALA, Sep 4 (TIWN): Former Health Minister Sudip Roy Barman, who was sacked from Health Ministry after questioning on law and order, in a press meet on Friday at Agartala Press Club has hit the Health Dept of Tripura for massive numbers of deaths in state, specially when patients are dying mercilessly without ‘treatment’, inside ambulance, outside hospital amid COVID-pandemic. Barman raised his tone of surprise asking where is the Health dept moving ahead where ambulance does not know where to go and patients are dying inside ambulance without attendance. He said, except 4 senior Doctors all have denied to do COVID-duty saying they are 60-plus and thus at high risk of being infected. Barman has suggested Health Dept immediately to transfer them by replacing with young, dynamic Doctors. Sudip Barman also advised CM Biplab Deb to monitor the situation personally so that things can be managed in better ways. Addressing media, Barman said, “I am addressing the press meet not only as an MLA but as a son of the state, holding my 14 month’s experience in hand as the former Health Minister".

"Everyday people are infected in COVID and dying like insects. Seeing these things, I wanted to meet the Health Minister (CM Biplab Deb). Also, I called him, sent him SMS but he did not pick up my phone. On 30th August, I called him again but no response was received, led me to place my statement through this press meet today”, the BJP MLA said. 

Mentioning statistics, Barman said, “April to July, total 5009 COVID patients were reported and only in July 3488 positive cases came out, means 112 COVID-cases everyday were identified. In the month of August total 7,168 persons tested positive and in average 231 per day. In last 7 days, 3398 persons have been tested positive means 485 positive cases per day. In last 3 days 1,678 cases, means 559 positive infections per day”.

“In case of death-tolls, total 128 persons died. But the case increased from August 28 to till yesterday when 41 persons died, means the deaths' numbers are going faster day by day”, said Sudip Barman.

He said, "AMC areas are holding 3 times more COVID cases percentage than national average and also has crossed Delhi and Mumbai". 

“It is a huge matter of concern but there is a big fault in the management. In the GB hospital, now people are afraid to trust the authority. The trust on GB has been destroyed in last 1 and half years. Data says something but the reality is different. Huge crisis in coordination. Those who should do proper duties, they are neglecting their duties by giving some press release from the Secretariat. Someone please show me a picture, where the officials from Additional Chief Secretary to Directors of the Depts have ever entered the COVID-centre by wearing PPE Kits. They never checked-in the reality to know whether the patients are getting treatment or not !!! It means those who have duties and responsibilities, they are not doing their duties properly. Nobody is monitoring the situation but I thank the media for exposing everything, showing the loopholes of the Govt regularly. But even after that also, I have to say that in the name of Disaster Management Act, Epidemic Disease Act threats are using to suppress these news items”, said Sudip Barman.

He slammed the Hospital Management for a dead-body was thrown in hospital for 3 days, was found rotting. “Where is the system ? What has to be done after one dies ? Is not there any such rule ? Who will attend these loopholes ? Huge coordination gap is existing and no  proper system has been implemented till now".

"Only 4 senior Doctors are working properly and rest of the senior Doctors have refused to do their duties saying they are 60 plus, at high risk of COVID-positive. My question is, why doesn’t the Govt transferring them to other places replacing them with young, dynamic Doctors”, said Barman.

He further slammed the leaders who are violating social distancing everyday and saying that nothing happens in COVID-19, when death toll raised to 128 in state. 

MLA Sudip Barman further asked Tripura Govt to learn from Mumbai how to add IT techniques in hospital management !


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