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2 days after TIWN Editor lambasted CM for not visiting GB hospital through his FB live, finally CM visits GB, met Doctors
TIWN Sep 2, 2020
2 days after TIWN Editor lambasted CM for not visiting GB hospital through his FB live, finally CM visits GB, met Doctors
PHOTO : CM talking to Doctors. TIWN Photo Sep 1, 2020

AGARTALA, Sep 2 (TIWN): 2 days after TIWN Editor Saumen Sarkar had hit Tripura CM Biplab Deb to visit GB hospital, finally the CM has visited to the hospital, checked situations and held hour-long meetings with Doctors.

Various problems which are being faced by Doctors were placed before the Chief Minister. From funding to oxygen issues, all have been discussed there. The video was live and the whole meeting discussion was shared in CM's social media pages. CM asked Doctors to stay on duty and stay with patients. Doctors also complained about staff shortage but CM said, in compare to other hospitals, Doctors are more in number and sidelining all problems, now all have to fight unitedly. 

The Medical dept also had informed CM about what are the changes have been made to develop the system which will be helpful to control COVID-spread.

Lots of communication gaps between the Dept and Doctors were spotted during the hour-long meeting. 

Editor’s Statement : (TIWN) Editor Saumen Sarkar in his Sunday live from USA has expressed surprise over Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s careless attitudes against patient parties, specially those who have lost their family members due to malfunctioning Oxygen supply in GB Hospital. Addressing this serious issue, the Editor mentioned, neither the Chief Minister expressed condolence over death of the patients, not he visited GB hospitals which is a totally inhuman attitude I would say and also no action has been announced even after deaths of patients. “In GB hospital an anarchy is going on and the State Govt has no concern about the downing situations in health cares. 3 days old baby died while doing COVID-Test. One Subir Saha exposed in live video how his father died without care which was nodded by other patients’ statements also presented in the hospital. Oxygen connection is damaged for months but the CM has not time to visit the hospital. From February to now, many died in lack of oxygen but CM did not visit the GB hospital which is the main treatment centre for COVID-19. It should be fixed immediately. Doctors have complained about it but it has not been fixed yet”, said TIWN Editor.

The Editor’s statement came after on 28th August, a youth Subir Saha came in live video after his father died at COVID-19 treatment centre. In the live video, all the other people present in the centre complained that even after much requests, this person was not given oxygen, neither any Doctor visited resulted he died.

The Editor has requested the people not to put political colour in his statement, rather to see from humanistic angle.

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