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Water-Logging in Agartala, normal lives disturbed
TIWN Sep 1, 2020
Water-Logging in Agartala, normal lives disturbed
PHOTO : Water-logging disrupts normal lives in Agartala. TIWN Pic Sep 1, 2020

AGARTALA, Sep 1 (TIWN): Water-logging has hit normal lives in Agartala city on Tuesday with few splashes of rain have been witnessed there created a havoc in the city in working day. The office-goers were the highest sufferers due to the massive water-logging.

The city had been locked in water-logging, vehicles were left immovable, people were unable to move out of homes. Across the city a havoc was created due to the massive water-logging led turmoil in the city. The water-logging problem in Agartala is not new, however, Govt has started work to develop the drainage mechanism. Expressing resentment over the contemporary problem a local man in Ganaraj Chowmuhani said. “There are lot of holes on the road. Plastic carry bags are also increasing day by day. Lack of cleanliness is resulting in the increase of mosquitoes and thereby disease like malaria is also increasing.

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