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‘HIRA+’ ??? Another Death in GB Hospital in Negligence : Patient died allegedly due to Doctors’ Negligence, delay in Oxygen supplies : Admitted patients seek urgent help
TIWN Aug 28, 2020
‘HIRA+’ ??? Another Death in GB Hospital in Negligence : Patient died allegedly due to Doctors’ Negligence, delay in Oxygen supplies : Admitted patients seek urgent help
PHOTO : Photo left : Patient died today in GB hospital, Middle : Other patients, deceased family talking in FB live, Right : Previous deaths in the COVID-centre.

AGARTALA, Aug 28 (TIWN): GB Hospital under Tripura's Health Ministry led by CM & Health Minister Biplab Deb, GB is facing unprecedented emergency situation as patients dying since February’2020 due to lack of oxygen in time and also because no Doctor visited the Centre from yesterday. It was already alleged that NTH1 building’s oxygen supply yet to be fixed, although TIWN Editor Saumen Sarkar and other political figures raised questions on the shortage of oxygen supplies. Situation is getting ugly with the increasing number of deaths in the state due to the negligence in treatment, resulting nother death of a Covid patient is reported from Agartala GB Hospital's Covid ward.A person named Subir Saha posted a live video on Facebook from GB Hospital's Covid Centre, showing his helplessness over his father's death, who allegedly died for the doctor's negligence.

Reportedly, Subir Saha's father was admitted in GB hospital's Covid ward after he tested positive. At first he was not provide any bed for a long day. Later after requesting and informing the authority they somehow arranged one bed to the critical patient.

Other patients in the live video alleged that although this man was suffering but for long time he was not provided with oxygen.

Moreover, shortage of oxygen has remained a major threat in the hospital due to technical fault which could not be repaired as per the last report.

On yesterday night noticing his father's deteriorating health condition, he informed the doctors. But allegedly no doctors have come to see him. From today morning his father developed extreme breathing problem. But after informing them for hundred times, no one came to provide him the least oxygen to survive. The poor son cried, shouted in helplessness of not being able to do anything and seen his father loosing his life infront of his eyes. And after his death also, no Doctor or staff came to that Covid ward till the time he posted the live. Such pathetic condition made the other patients resented. Live Video of Subir Saha (Part - 1) Live Video of Subir Saha (Part - 2)

It can be seen in live video, that the other patients were also shouting, saying that no doctor is coming to atleast check their health. No facilities are provided to the patients admitted in GB hospital. Another Covid patient alleged that his health condition is also becoming worse since last night, but after informing several times also no Doctor paid any attention.

After this live went viral in social media within few minutes, people from across the state are showing their distress over Tripura's Health Department. Netizens asked the government, how many lives it will take to reform the constantly degrading health department of the State? Ironically, when the 'no doctor's availability' is creating mass problem in this pandemic, Tripura reports over 400 MBBS doctors who are still unemployed.

On yesterday in a separate incident FIR was filed against GB Doctor for allegedly responsible for death of a 3 days old baby amid COVID-test.

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