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Is Tripura Govt's neighbourhood classes leaving the student's life in danger?
TIWN Aug 22, 2020
Is Tripura Govt's neighbourhood classes leaving the student's life in danger?
PHOTO : Glimpses of neighboring classes in Tripura.

AGARTALA, Aug 22 (TIWN): After Tripura Government's neighbourhood classes kicked off from 20 August, a situation of tension erupted among the guardians as the unplanned scheme left student's life in danger.

This 'face-to-face' interactive scheme is for the students who could not attend online classes. The classes based on Internet or TV could not be afforded by 29% students in state. Under the 'Neighbourhood classes' students have to come in uniform in a selective number and one teacher is appointed to teach them.

But in few cases the guardians started expressing resentment after the students were made to sit in bushes and grassy areas under the open sky. This left the student's life in danger as they are open to the different insects, mosquitoes and even snakes. Also the direct sunlight can irritate both the students and teacher's health. This can lead the students to have dangerous diseases like malaria into a large number, amid Covid-19 pandemic.

Also, the Tripura Government Teachers Association (TGTA) has asked the government whether health department has approved the matter. The Association has issued a statement opposing the scheme as an unplanned and unrealistic one. The teachers’ association pointed out the  guideline that mentioned about children under the age of 10 should not come out of their houses.

However, the Education Department of Tripura is yet to answer the question and also to come up with a proper solution for the above written problems.

Also few classed were seen in rubber garden which is extremely dangerous as rubber gardens carry dangerous insects, can cause many damages internally and externally in body. 

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