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Lockdown : Heavy Crowd was witnessed in Tripura Capital’s Gol Bazar market amid State Govt’s 'Lockdown' extension till Aug 4, no Authorities visible in enforcing ‘Social Distancing’
TIWN July 30, 2020
Lockdown : Heavy Crowd was witnessed in Tripura Capital’s Gol Bazar market amid State Govt’s 'Lockdown' extension till Aug 4, no Authorities visible in enforcing ‘Social Distancing’
PHOTO : Mass-gathering in Gol Bazar market, Agartala. TIWN Pic July 30, 2020

AGARTALA, July 30 (TIWN): TIWN's field coverage this morning in Agartala markets as Gol Bazar at 9am exposed public lackluster attitude on social distancing. On Thursday, mass gatherings were observed in Agartala city’s various markets Gol bazar, Battala Markets amid police’s much request to keep social distance. In spite of Police Dept's dedicated work in controlling social distancing, various vegetable markets had turned hotbed of social activity. On the other side, the Congress Party has criticized the BJP led State Govt over its lockdown extension without giving any preparation time. In a statement, Congress State President has strongly criticized the State Govt.He said, the Govt here has completed its duties by announcing lockdown extension. It did not think for once how the people would be managing now, as earlier, before lockdown, public got one day time but as no prior time was given, Congress State President has massively criticized the Govt over the decision.

The ongoing lockdown has been extended till 4th August 5 AM.

The same rules to be applied for the common men as was in last 3 days.

Prohibited Activities

1. Movement of individuals shall remain strictly prohibited except for essential needs.

2. All business/commercial establishments, shops and trade activities shall remain closed except those dealing essential goods like grocery, medicines, milk, vegetables, fish/meat etc. However, only 1/3rd of the grocery shops will be opened on the days of lockdown which will be decided by the market committees.

3. The inter-district and inter-state transport services shall remain suspended.

4. All public transport services shall remain suspended except those required for emergency services and transporting passengers from and to Rail Station and Airport.

5. Movement of all Private vehicles is banned except those required for emergency needs.

6. All hotel, restaurant and hospitality services shall remain suspended.

7. All educational, research, training, coaching institutions shall remain closed.

8. All places of worship shall remain closed for public. No religious congregation will be permitted without any exception.

9. All social/political/sports/entertainment/academic/cultural/religious functions shall remain suspended.

10. Not more than 20 persons will be permitted in case of funerals.

11. Not more than 50 persons in marriage ceremony will be allowed.

12. All non-essential and avoidable movement of people shall be banned.

13. Congregation of more than 3 persons at a public place will be prohibited except places of exempted establishments.

14. Consumption and sale of paan, gutka, tobacco etc. in public places are prohibited.

15. Service /repair centres of equipment and appliances will remain closed.

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