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Amra Bangali staged protest on Central Government's decision of privatising Railways
TIWN July 14, 2020
Amra Bangali staged protest on Central Government's decision of privatising Railways
PHOTO : Amra Banglai held protest. TIWN Pic July 14, 2020

AGARTALA, July 14 (TIWN): On Tuesday Amra Bangali staged protest infront in Agartala against Central government's decision of privatising 5% of Indian Railways.

While addressing media one agitator said,"We are staging protest over Modi government's privatising things. This seems the Central government is determined to sell the whole country and take us back to subjugated India.  The government by taking the advantage of Covid-19 Pandamic took the decision of privatising Railways. This is an act of complete negligence, this will lead the country face various problems if it gets implemented." 
He further added, "We believe that a huge section of Indian youths who are working in Indian railways will loose their jobs, if the railways being sold to foreign then unemployment rate will rise up further. On top of that, if the decision gets implemented then we believe that the train fare will increase after privatisation."
Another agitator said, "If the sectors from which we get huge section of profit such as Airplanes, rail and coal are been sold to foreigners then what's the meaning of Modi's new hype Atma Nirbhar Bharat?" 
The country's national assets are being sold by Modi Government one by one. The latest 'masterstroke' of the central government is the privatisation of the Indian Railways. On July 1, 2020, the Railway Minister announced that 151 trains in 109 pairs of routes will be operated by private sectors.The private sector will invest Rs 30,000 crores. Only the driver and guard will be railway employees, which means all the other employees will be of the private company, who is operating the train. The private train operations will begin by April 2023, informed the Government.
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