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‘WhatsApp is trapped most easily’, says Tripura CM
TIWN June 30, 2020
‘WhatsApp is trapped most easily’, says Tripura CM
PHOTO : Tripura CM talks on WhatsApp trapping in NSS programme.

AGARTALA, June 30 (TIWN): Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb on Tuesday has warned the young generation using social media for wrong reasons, saying WhatsApp is most easily trapped.

“Now a days they (opponents) have turned clever. They talk in WhatsApp but don’t forget that WhatsApp can be trapped most easily. There is no such technology which can not be trapped. When a technology is created, from that time only trapping system is existing, otherwise, intelligence will be halted”, CM said while addressing in a NSS programme in Agartala Town Hall.

Recently centering Lok Sabha election there was a massive controversy where Pegasus spyware was allegedly used illegally. Nevertheless, now in Tripura oppositions and anti-Govt sides almost stopped talking confidential things via phones directly, rather they chose WhatsApp like social media for conversations.

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