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Agartala bypass road damaged in rain
TIWN June 29, 2020
Agartala bypass road damaged in rain
PHOTO : Amtali bypass road in deplorable shape due to rain. TIWN Pic June 29, 2020

AGARTALA, June 29 (TIWN): As predicted Agartala bypass road has left in miserable condition due to monsoon.

Although Tripura Government in 2018 promised to boost business by smoothening roads by increasing VAT and by reducing fuel and maintenance costs with a sophisticated roadways, but so far the results remained same and the pathos of the daily goers continues to haunt.

In case of Agartala bypass road the situation rather worsened in last 2 and half years, alleged the regular goers.

Specially in monsoon, the journeys become more risky, giving a huge challenge for the daily travelers with time, fuel consuming journeys. This journey is no less than a Roller Coaster journey for the passengers whereas more dangerous situations are expected in the upcoming rainy days when muddy roads becomes too slippery increasing chances of accidents.

Lack of maintenance has bee alleged as the main cause behind miserable condition of roads.  

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