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After Ratanlal Nath compared Protesting 10323 Teachers as ‘Conspirators like China’, 10323 Teachers said, ‘Totally Unexpected use of Language by a Minister’
TIWN June 23, 2020
After Ratanlal Nath compared Protesting 10323 Teachers as ‘Conspirators like China’, 10323 Teachers said, ‘Totally Unexpected use of  Language by a Minister’
PHOTO : Left : 10323 teachers holding press meet, Right : Law Minister Ratanlal Nath attending blood donation camp. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, June 23 (TIWN): 10323 teachers under ‘Amra 10323’ have given a befitting reply to Education Minister Ratanlal Nath after he compared the teachers with Conspirators from China for protesting against Govt amid COVID-19. Ratanlal Nath in a blood donation camp on yesterday at Maharani Tusibati school said that if anything happens to the former teachers during such activities (Protest), then Govt will not be responsible. His speech went viral also in social media where he was literally threatening the teachers to be restrained from any protest. Addressing media, teachers said, “Only Govt has to take responsibility of everyone. Govt means guardian and in democracy everyone has right to agree or disagree with the Govt but the use of language from such a person is totally unexpected”. Before the press meet, the former teachers also held a protest. They said, they are not here to do any politics but whatever they are doing are only for survival.Sacked 10323 teachers under ‘Amra 10323’ teachers group today have shortened their protests in Agartala.

 He shortened the protest saying, “For the last time we are trusting Education Minister Ratanlal Nath on his words. Although, earlier he said that before 31st March, 2020, Tripura Govt will solve our matters but it failed repeatedly. We trusted the Govt again and again but nothing happened according to the promises. 

However, on yesterday, we saw that Education Minister Ratanlal Nath has assured us that Govt is thinking about alternative recruitment and promised to post us in non-teaching posts regardless Supreme Court’s verdict. So, we have gathered again faiths on him. But as our protest programme was pre-scheduled, so we decided to hold it today, but in respect to the Minister’s words, we have shortened protest. We will wait for his promise’s fulfilment”, said Dalia Das, a former teacher among the 10323 teachers. 10323 teachers shortened protest keeping trust on Education Minister's promise. TIWN YouTube Video June 23, 2020

On yesterday, 10323 teachers have been given a legal promise of Alternative Jobs by the Law Minister of Tripura Ratanlal Nath, who is also holding the Education portfolio of the State. 10323 teachers who lost their jobs in March 31st, 2020 under Supreme Court’s order due to irregularity in recruitment were promised by the BJP before Election 2018 that BJP Govt, if voted to power will solve the 10323 teachers issue permanently. But after their job lost, the whole cabinet remained tightlipped over the issue but today breaking silence, once again Education Minister Ratanlal Nath has assured that his Govt will give the 10323 teachers alternative jobs regardless Supreme Court’s decision, which will be declared by few months where Tripura Govt requested the Court to allow the Govt for appointment of these sacked teachers in non-teaching posts.

The Minister repeatedly has assured to the ex-teachers that there is nothing to worry as BJP Govt will make sure that the 10323 teachers get jobs. TIWN YouTube Video June 22, 2020 (Minister Ratanlal Nath's promise to 10323 teachers)



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