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Ignoring the Central's order, State Government affiliated school 'Path Bhavan' terminated 2 teachers
TIWN June 12, 2020
Ignoring the Central's order, State Government affiliated school 'Path Bhavan' terminated 2 teachers
PHOTO : Path Bhawan school. TIWN Pic June 12, 2020

AGARTALA, June 12 (TIWN): State Government's affiliated Udaipur's Path Bhavan school terminated two teachers working on the school amid lockdown. Whereas Central government already declared that no employees should be sacked from the working place during lockdown period. This action of Path Bhavan completely showed the negligence of School management committee towards Central's order.

Reportedly, the school is one of the well known schools in Udaipur and was established by Nabadwip Das and his friends twenty years ago as nursery. Within few years the school has prompted to senior basic level and got the affiliation of Tripura Government. And after BJP came to power, Udaipur Municipality's chairman and BJP leader Shital Chandra Majumder formed a new committee and became the new president of Path Bhavan. It came to know that, the new SMC members don't discuss anything with the old members of school anymore.
On 9th June Path Bhavan's management committee sent a letter to Jahanara Begam and Sutapa Chowdhury stating that for the less enrollment numbers of students their job has been discontinued and they are terminated from their jobs. 
It came to know that Jahanara Begam was working their for past fifteen years whereas Sutapa Chowdhury for more than seven years. Without thinking about the survival of both the teacher, such action by Path Bhavan's management committee shows the negligence they have towards their employees.
This action by State government's affiliated school also creates question on how much the state government abide the decision of central.
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