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Monsoon increasing Highway pathos in Tripura
TIWN June 12, 2020
Monsoon increasing Highway pathos in Tripura
PHOTO : Roadway left in miserable condition at Teliamura. TIWN Pic June 12, 2020

AGARTALA, June 12 (TIWN): National highway in Mungiyakami area of Teliamura Subdivision has left in pathetic shape as local thieves have stolen bricks from the road side.

On other hand, the road left without maintenance for a long time, has resulted  pathetic situation during this rainy season. Sides have been broken down of the road. 

Yet, the police and administration remains to be silent. No action is been taken against this theft incident. After asking for several times Mungiyakami Police said that they are patrolling the area for 24/7. Now the question arises among common people, how can such criminal activity took place in this high security zone.

Roads in different places have turned hazardous across the state. Not even a single day is left without reporting about the pathetic condition of road and the sufferings of people and transportation for this problem. Question arises on the administration and concerned authority for the lack of appropriate action.

The locals of Mungiyakami area have alleged that for the pathetic shape of the road, transportation on NH8 can be stopped at anytime. People are seeking government's attention on this matter and proper action on repairing of the road as early as possible.

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