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‘BJP Govt is totally Undemocratic against neutral media houses’ : Manik Sarkar
TIWN June 3, 2020
‘BJP Govt is totally Undemocratic against neutral media houses’ : Manik Sarkar
PHOTO : Former CM Manik Sarkar talking to media. TIWN Pic June 3, 2020

AGARTALA, June 3 (TIWN): Tripura former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar on Wednesday has massively criticized the BJP led State Govt for attacking press and media.

In a media interaction, Sarkar stated, “I myself in a party and our party has a newspaper which was targeted by the BJP Govt at first. So, attack on media under the BJP Govt is not new for us”.

“In our time, media with open hearts involved in criticizing our Govt. Media went to us and whenever they went, we talked and if immediate talks to media was not possible, we gave appointments in scheduled time”, said Manik Sarkar. Click TIWN YouTube Link to see Manik Sarkar’s statement on Attack on media

He said, a Govt can not be 100% correct even though it has good intention but attacking media at every step is the work of the present BJP Govt, which is highly condemnable.

“Here what is happening has crossed the monarchy. Press has only one option that is to praise the Govt. Whoever is trying to speak clearly, is facing severe attacks”, Sarkar told media.

“This is totally undemocratic. Attack on press is nothing but Govt’s weakness. Infact, media played a great role to unstable the British Govt”, Manik Sarkar said.

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