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Tripura Govt continues claiming MGNREGA funds increased, massive funding from Centre but Why 15% MGNREGA mandays at average ?
TIWN Feb 14, 2020
Tripura Govt continues claiming MGNREGA funds increased, massive funding from Centre but Why 15% MGNREGA mandays at average ?
PHOTO : CM Biplab Deb (File Photo)

AGARTALA, Feb 14 (TIWN): Law Minister Ratanlal Nath has accused media for spreading fake news on MGNREGA funding from centre, claiming MGNREGA funding has increased massively. Practically, MGNREGA mandays are allegedly scrapped in comparison to the Left Govt era, is being said mouths to mouths. If MGNREGA mandays funds were increased why do the poor alleging that their mandays are scarpped ? Where are the fund going ? When Govt data saying, MGNREGA mandays increased, why the poor alleged exact differnt ? Such questions are now raised when lack of Govt provided works, MGNREGA mandays hit poor people in Tripura. Thus, public have demanded via various media, surveys that they want the Govt to rollback the previous MGNREGA percentage which was existing under the Left Govt. Although awards were brought in the name of MGNREGA but when media talk to the daily workers, they maximum disagree with Govt for having enough mandays which is causing acute problems for them to arrange two times meals for the people.

 It is alleged that only 15% MGNREGA works are given whereas rules say, 100 days MGNREGA should be given. Congress leader Birjit Sinha said he might go to court demanding 100 days works.

Along with MGNREGA works' massive downs under the ruling BJP Govt in Tripura, worklessness situations have hit the daily earners’ lives here. In the continuous economic survey almost all workers have alleged on camera that Govt is not giving them works and the previous Govt was much better. Lack of customers have rattled the business of the common men. As slowdown affected the common men and businessmen, so workers’ demands are too at low, witnesses a massive decrease of demand of daily workers by households and businessmen.

 TIWN has  been surveying the economic situations of the state focusing in the capital town but so far only frustrations and distresses were reported. Markets were surveyed where around hundreds of workers were seen didn’t get any work whereas even before 2 years, the situation was completely different for the state. On that time, workers demands were high, wages were high and also MGNREGA and other Govt works were given at a large number. Before 2 years, not only workers’ wages were higher than now and a competition was seen between the people to catch the workers but today workers are in wait hours after hours but demand of workers heavily downed. 

“There are multiple problems and various crisis situations which are being faced by us leading unhappiness in our families. Even we are unable to fee our babies properly and they keep on crying after we return empty hands. When worklessness is high, wages are low. Hardly out of 5 days one day we are managing to get a work", said a daily worker.

Another person alleged, few workers from Bangladesh come everyday and take works at low rate snatching the work-opportunities further.

Another man who also didn't get any work said, "Commodity prices are too high and no work on the top of that. Only Govt employees now can survive. At all scale, the working class's conditions are miserable now.

According to the newspaper cutting, where the photo was published the person named Manoranjan Debbarma broke down in tears who was hungry and allegedly his family too at home with severe problems.  TIWN YouTube Link

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