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Bishalgarh Custodial unnatural ‘Death by Hanging’ case : Family members alleged ‘Murder before Hanging’, demand justice : BJP MLA met victim family
TIWN Jan 29, 2020
Bishalgarh Custodial unnatural ‘Death by Hanging’ case : Family members alleged ‘Murder before Hanging’, demand justice : BJP MLA met victim family
PHOTO : Victim family at GB hospital, MLA Kalyani Roy met family. TIWN Pic Jan 29, 2020

AGARTALA, Jan 29 (TIWN): BJP MLA of Telimaura Kalyani Roy has met Bishalgarh Jail custodial unnatural death victim family at the GB hospital, expressed disgust over the police’s attitude to the case. She said, she has been calling form Bishalgrah to NCC PS everywhere but nowhere police is sure about anything and how the case will be proceeded. She demanded a proper report from the Home Dept. “High reluctancy of the Police Dept is existing in this case. Even high police officials of the Police HQ are unable to say anything”, Kalyani Roy told media. Roy said, Home Minister cum CM Biplab Deb must look into the issue seriously as in custody such deaths are intolerable. On the other hand, the family members denied the claim of “suicide”, said that Sanjit Sarkar can never commit suicide but it was rather a cold blood murder. The victim’s wife was not sent at home in night but kept in a Govt women-home in Agartala. Family members have demanded justice to them and denied Police’s claim of “suicide by hanging”.

 The person named Sanjit Sarkar who died at Bishalgarh Jail on January 27 night or January 28 morning, has been claimed as “hanged himself” but the fact is even one day before the incident, the person when met his wife told her to bring a biscuit packet for her. The poor man Sanjit Sarkar fought with few people, but the others were rich, so could afford good lawyer but Sanjit could not and thus he was in custody for last 7 months. Bishalgarh jail custodial death Victim's wife was kept in home on yesterday night. Family demands justice. TIWN Video Jan 29, 2020

Surprisingly, a jail police gave her two notes of five hundred rupees and asked her to go home. When she was crying in the auto stand at Agartala Chandrapur, local auto drivers asked her about the matter. She told them everything and then media was informed. Local people have expressed extreme disgust over abnormal happenings under the BJP Govt with increase of abnormal deaths. On 12th January in the same way, one Sushanta Ghosh’s dead body was found hanging in the West Agartala Police station who was allegedly arrested falsely in ATM hacking case, whereas Govt hardly took any necessary action against West PS Police.

Rather the same police officials were kept in earlier position with no-arrest, who desperately said, during Sushanta Ghosh’s death CCTV camera was off. Another 19 years Dalit boy Mangal Das was killed in Udaipur R K Pur PS, which also met a same consequence.

Earlier, former CPI-M Minister Badal Chowdhury who has been put in jail in a politically motivated case alleged murder threats on him.

In last 3 months 3 custodial alleged murders / unnatural deaths in Tripura turning the state into UP. 

If Sanjit Sarkar's case is suicide also, can police deny high negligence ???  One more unnatural death in Tripura. Man's hanging body found at Bishalgarh jail. TIWN YouTube Video Jan 28, 2020

Tripura Police brutality and political-puppet roles which have been continuing unabated across Tripura for a long time has successfully influenced custody murder case of victim Mangal Das, the only son of a poor mother from a Dalit family. The19 years old Dalit boy was allegedly brutally murdered in R K Pur Police Station when he was in custody under SI Pritam Dutta in Udaipur, Gomati District. It took a long time to get the post mortem report and yet undisclosed, whereas TIWN has revealed exclusive videos from sources how in totally illegal manner, R K Pur Police and Gomati District hospital Doctors was involved in doing post mortem of Mangal Das’s dead body in night. Even after assuring full justice, the case was dumped without proper investigation as SP Pritam Dutta is the elder brother of BJP Khayerpur local activist and leader.

Inactive role of Gomati district police superintendent Ramesh Reddy during December 24’s violence in Udaipur which erupted after CPI-M kicked off a rally was however, not unexpected as this is the job he dedicated on part of his duty towards public by serving the BJP leaders and activists obediently.

Not only in case of Mangal Das murder in lockup that BJP’s pressure dumped the investigation but the SP from the beginning has been treating the opposition in politically motivated manner. 3 custodial alleged murders in 3 months in Tripura : Custodial unnatural death of Sanjit Sarkar at Bishalgarh jail. Jail authority claims "suicide by hanging". TIWN YouTube Video Jan 28, 2020

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