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Theft across Agartala City on Republic Day night
TIWN Jan 27, 2020
Theft across Agartala City on Republic Day night
PHOTO : Eastern commerce shop which was looted on R-Day night. TIWN Pic Jan 27, 2020

AGARTALA, Jan 27 (TIWN): Bordowali to Ramnagar, various shops in Agartala were looted on republic day night.

Public have expressed massive resentments over the increasing thefts. Survey says that in the Agartala city per area various shops are reported to be looted.

A single shop is being looted many times within a month. In this situation, people have drawn the attention of police and home dept.

Media visited Bordowali’s Janata Bhandar shop and Ramnagar Eastern Commerce shops. Both the persons’ shops were looted.

Ramnagar people said, if oneday anyone leaves home, then thieves enter and loot everything.

Chains of thieves are across the city, observing house owners movements. 

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