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11-30% hikes of Gomati Milk price hits consumers
TIWN Jan 9, 2020
11-30%  hikes of Gomati Milk price hits consumers

AGARTALA, Jan 9 (TIWN): The BJP government gifted Tripura's people new year gift by increasing the rate of Gomati milk. Price Hike of everyday necessary products are heavy on common people of Tripura.

When poor people are dying out of food and poverty, milk price hikes have hit the families specially those who have babies in homes.

Price of Gomati milk has never  increased in the history of 30 years as the price increased  in 21 months of BJP's regime.

The townspeople who depends on dairy products for milk are not able to accept the price hike of Gomati milk. Not only that the impact of increasing Gomati products can seen in common people and in businessman too.

Common people are suffering due to increasing the rate of all commodities and poor people are dying without any food. BJP government has brought poverty instead of " ACCHE DIN".

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