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10323 teachers issue turns sensitive in Tripura
TIWN Jan 8, 2020
10323 teachers issue turns sensitive in Tripura
PHOTO : 10323 teachers holding protest. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Jan 8 (TIWN): BJP JUMLA fake promises as per vision document, fraudulence of BJP govt turned into ghastly situation in the family of 10,323 teachers
According to vision document BJP party promised to secure 10323 jobs for future. But now the teachers are in afraid of losing their job. According to the verdict of Supreme Court the teachers will lose their job on June 31,2020. Prior election Jumla govt promised to ensure their Job and if it is necessary they would create a constitution for them but no promised has been kept yet.

Prior few days a teacher said that they will arrange a massive rally,if the government do not fulfill their demands within a month. Reportedly, 87 teachers died suffering from tensions due to uncertainity of their  jobs until 30 Dec 2019. Now the other teachers demanding to secure the deceased teachers  family.
Many teachers passed away out of tension about losing their job but instead of solving the issue  JUMLA govt is sleeping without worrying as they do not have any responsibility for 10,323 teachers.
The actual question arises who will take responsibility of 10,323 jobs? If the BJP govt could not keep their promises even after 21 months of governance then why did they promise prior election?

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