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‘After 3 years of BJP Govt, you will not recognize Tripura due to massive development & multistorey car parking’, claims Biplab Deb
TIWN Dec 30, 2019
‘After 3 years of BJP Govt, you will not recognize Tripura due to massive development & multistorey car parking’, claims Biplab Deb
PHOTO : CM Biplab Deb in Boxonagar rally, Sepahijala District on 30th December, 2019

AGARTALA, Dec 30 (TIWN): After 21 months of Govt has been established by BJP in Tripura, when economy is sinking further, massive joblessness, corruptions in depts, tax impositions are hitting the state’s people, Chief Minister Biplab Deb has claimed tall again on Monday. While addressing in a political gathering in the name of ‘Block Level Gram Swaraj Abhiyan’ at Boxanagar RD Block Office Complex, Biplab Deb said that after 3 years nobody can recognize Tripura that much development will happen in the state. “If you want to see Tripura after 3 years (In 2021) then you have to has a different type of vision to see it. Also if your relatives visited before 3 years in Tripura if they come on that time, they will tell you what changes have come”, said Deb. He further stated, “Modi Govt has been working for the overall development of the society. Along with city’s development, it is important to stable the women of our society and thus the Triple Talaak system was abolished”.

Talking about NRC and CAB he said, “Except Govt nobody has to think about NRC and CAB. Nobody can solve the problems. Only our Govt can solve the issues and thus, let us think everything good for the people”.

On yesterday Chief Minister Biplab Deb faced an embarrassing situation at Santirbazar Subdivision when a senior citizen questioned CM when is he paying Rs. 2000 allowance to her, which the BJP promised before Election ? However, CM made it clear that it needs more around 2 years. On the other side, before election the promises were done to ensure each right of the Vision Document by March, 2018.

BJP's Vision Document’s first page, which was before Assembly Election given these 10 promsies.

1. Employment opportunity for every household,

2. Free Education for women till graduation,

3. 7th Pay Commission to the all Govt employees of the State Govt,

4. Free Smart Phones to Youths,

5. Minimum allowance of Rs. 2000 and a minimum wage of Rs. 340,

6. Investigate Rose Valley Chit Fund scams and punish all the guilty,

7. Provide house to all without brick housing,

8. Free Health Insurance to all BPL households,

9. Provide drinking water to all households,

10. Regularize contractual Govt employees.

What shocked people of Tripura most was BJP never before election said that these promises will not be fulfilled by Central BJP but by State which elevated huge numbers of items under massive taxation like water tax increased from Rs. 30 to Rs. 200.

Most cruel was when BJP scrapped the existing free health services from all Govt hospitals.

In unemployment rate, Tripura went 3 times more in compare to the Left regime and by Govt notification it was said that no employee will be appointed till existing employees go in pension. To shutdown employees mouths and forcing them for voluntary retirement, BJP Govt brought ESMA law.

The public instead of enjoying BJP era, since beginning an “autocracy” has been given to them.

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