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Increasing Robberies in Agartala city, Police's role unsatisfactory
TIWN Dec 30, 2019
Increasing Robberies in Agartala city, Police's role unsatisfactory
PHOTO : Increasing robberies in Agartala, a scooty was found by owner himself. TIWN Pic Dec 30, 2019

AGARTALA, Dec 30 (TIWN): Robbery rates are increasing in high in the capital city Agartala but police in maximum cases remain capable to catch the thieves, nevertheless in few cases, police catch the robbers/thieves.

Again an incident of robbery took place on the heart of city Agartala whereas the thieves were roaming in broad-day light for many days.

Sagnik Debnath who is the owner of scooty residence of Dhaleswar has complained to media about lethargy of the Traffic Dept allowing numberless bikes to run across the city.

His scooty was stolen on December,22  from the city. He complained and lodged FIR to the police station. But when he asked about his scooty  to the police, they said they will look for this matter but after few days it was informed that the police could not capable to catch and to gather information about the stolen scooty.

The scooty owner found his  scooty on 29 Dec in front of Rajbari at night. He raised question about  the role of police in the city.


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