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'Biplab and Company claims tall' but output is total ZERO
TIWN Dec 29, 2019
'Biplab and Company claims tall' but output is total ZERO
PHOTO : Tripura CM Biplab Deb. File Photo.

AGARTALA, Dec 29 (TIWN): When the promises of the Vision Document turned out to be a mere prank, CM now a days does nothing accept attending public gatherings, giving long fabricated speeches and enjoying delicacies at people's houses, erupting massive resentments among the public.

While addressing the people at a gathering our accidental CM Biplab Deb proudly claimed, "BJP Govt. in Tripura has done thrice the amount of work done by the CPI(M) government in these 20 months of rule". 

Every word of Tripura CM stands cent percent true; in these 20 months he has inaugurated sall the buildings built under the Manik era. Naming  it as "Nesha Mukt Abhiyan", he opened a bar in the city, and also passed tender to open several Liquor shops all over the state. in these 20 months he contributed the people of the State with hikes in tariffs in various sectors including electricity.

Every now and then Deb suspended people from their jobs, inspite of providing employment oppurtunities to the people as promised in the Vision Document. in these 20 months he deceived the poor promising to give then Rs.2000 allowance. In his period of rule he has made a Tripura where people are dying out of hunger and poverty, commiting suicides after poisoning their families. He has created a Tripura where law and order is nill, people have no democratic rights to protest and express their views. Also he has made a state where people don't expect justice from the Police, as they are mere puppets of the "Biplab and Company". in these 20 months he has made a law , where the poor people of the state has to buy medicines from the Govt. Hospitals when admitted for treatment. JUMLA King has brought a tremendous down fall in Mid- Day Meal in these 20 months. only in these 20 months , BJP Govt. has imposed strict laws on the Govt. employees.

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