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Economic drought affecting not only poor but small & large scale businessmen : Poverty, Hunger at rise in Triipura, MGNREGA mandays dropped drastically
TIWN Dec 19, 2019
Economic drought affecting not only poor but small & large scale businessmen : Poverty, Hunger at rise in Triipura, MGNREGA mandays dropped drastically
PHOTO : A market in Agartala. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Dec 19 (TIWN): At least 12 unnatural deaths in poverty-gripped Northeast State Tripura was reported where which are either starvation of suicidal ends took place in less than 2 months whereas the situation was predicted, warned by the oppositions since the very beginning of the Govt formation. Since the beginning of BJP Govt had established in power after voters unseated 25 years long ruling CPI-M Govt, massive drop in MGNREGA mandays started immediately in the state along with various Govt project related mandays which confirmed around hundred days of works in the Left regime came in slash too at large led poverty affecting small scale businessmen, hawkers, food commodity sellers all over the state. MGREGA work rates directly dropped from 88% to 33% for Tripura and the mandays are under BJP’s corruption. If Central Govt sending some amounts of funds then BJP leaders are getting all benefits even without working on the field.

Reacting over Mandays’ corruption former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar stated on September 30th while addressing in a political programme, “Rs 340 wage is nowhere in India, although BJP came in power in this state by adding that lie too with its other fake promises like social pension hikes, 50000 govt jobs which resulted in massive-slashing of beneficiaries and employees. But now finally poor people’s moneys have been looted by BJP activists who worked in the last election for BJP including ‘pristha-pramukhas’ and ‘mandal’ people. This is the situation of the economy here, gripped in corruption”.

“This 18 months Govt is a thief. Rate of MGNREGA mandays is heavily downed from 5 days to 7 days. Moreover, people have not gotten their wages for those 5 to 7 days mandays, whereas BJP activists without any MGNREGA  wages. Nowhere in whole country, such a thief Govt can be found”, said Sarkar adding, “This is the actual of Govt’s failure to clear wages of MGNREGA”.

When BJP continues to claim that no poverty related death happened in Tripura, yesterday, 12th unnatural deaths in last one and half months in Tripura reported.

The incident took place at Kumarghat after he taken debts from 3 micro finance companies out of poverty and business losses.

In Tripura many small scale businessmen are under huge debts, profit losses.

Such situations are erupted in the state, after a massive drop of MGNREGA mandays from 88% to 33% in State Tripura under BJP Govt’s 20 month’s performance and slash of Govt project works for the people.

Victim Kalipada Deb, who is a small scale vegetable seller committed suicide today at his own home in Fatikroy of Kumarghat.

In last week, in Mohanpur a couple committed suicide after poisoning their child and another businessman hanged self in Agartala. 6 Bru children died recently in starvation after Govt stopped ration supplies to them. 

Chief Minister Biplab Deb however in his last Janata Durbar denied for any such poverty related allegation came to him.

Reacting over Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s claim that no hunger and starvation is existing in Tripura, former MP Jitendra Choudhury has asked the Chief Minister to visit more deep areas than Chamanu where people are travelling everyday Bangladesh for livelihood.

“CM has visited Chamnau but why didn’t he visit East Govindapur, Thal Chara ? He has travelled in helicopter for Chamnau but he why didn’t he visit to Thalchara in helicopter too ? Once via helicopter food had to be sent in BSF camp and Left Govt constructed road at there. Those people are collecting ‘gandhaki’ from Bangladesh’s forest and that’s how they pass their lives under BJP Govt”, said Choudhury.

Choudhury also alleged the MGNREGA mandays funds which was Rs. 1400 crores for Tripura in UPA time, now downs at only Rs. 400 crores.

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