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Tripura gets only a ‘Katora’ from Modi, mass JUMLA cheating with Rs 2000 Social pension ! CM says, ‘All social pensions will be cleared as soon as Tax collection will gather some more funds’
TIWN Dec 18, 2019
Tripura gets only a ‘Katora’ from Modi, mass JUMLA cheating with Rs 2000 Social pension ! CM says, ‘All social pensions will be cleared as soon as Tax collection will gather some more funds’
PHOTO : CM Biplab Deb with PM Narednra Modi. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Dec 18 (TIWN): BJP’s another FAKE promise of Rs 2000 Rupees social pension was promised before the 2018 election, Tripura could never imagine that these benefits will be given by “tax” collection. BJP Govt on the one hands continued notice circulation of stopping social pensions and on the other hand blaming CPI-M Govt for deprivation but fact was came out from CM’s statement itself. On Monday while visited Golaghati, CM said that among public grievance social pension is highest. CM blamed CPI-M Govt for depriving many and assured that he will mitigate the deprivation and CPI-M voters also will not be deprived, but Govt waiting for some tax collections and as soon as funds will be gathered, they will be given pensions. On the other side, a woman said that when she asked allowance, she was asked to rear pigs and govt will give loans via banks ! All these proves, promising HIRA, Modi has given just a ‘Katora’ which is without funds.

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb recently also has rebuked previous CPI-M Govt for its failure to collect taxes from common men properly. When state is fueling with various taxes, Biplab Deb while addressing on December 1st in a programme at Agartala announced that his Govt achieved in high Tax rates. CM mocks at CPI-M which only took 8.9% taxes whereas BJP is collecting 26% now. Promising double-engine for the people, BJP came in power unseating 25 years long ruling Left Govt, but now being deprive of Central funding under Modi era, massive taxation have been imposed on Common men with 19% hike of unemployment rate.

 Thus, difference between Leftist era’s Luxury & BJP era’s Punishment are felt allover the Govt. Even CM Biplab Deb has accepted that the Left Govt took 8.9% tax, BJP uplifts tax rates above 26%.

However CM said, ‘It’s biggest Achievement’.Biplab on Sunday while addressing in Annual Conference of All Tripura Government Doctor's Association at KLS Auditorium, AGMC & GBP Hospital also announced that Tripura Govt wanted to borrow funds but Central Govt didn’t give permission.

Since the BJP led State Government has revised tariffs of 14 hospital services and 286 bio-chemistry, pathological, radiological, digital and clinical tests and from meal to oxygen all are now like private hospitals payable.

Water-Tax which was Rs. 30 till 2017 under the Left Govt was increased at Rs. 40 last year and this year it has jumped at Rs. 200.

Power Dept which has decided to hike electricity tariffs at 7.5% which will be used to kick of further developmental works, easily signaling how so far no funding is happening under the Modi Govt for state Tripura unlike the UPA era which helped each state via negotiation in Planning Commission.

Tripura cabinet on July 26, 2018 had decided first ever to bring ordinance to hike 2 % cess on Petrol, Diesel, Natural Gas.

Promising to develop the economy and betterment of every citizens of the state, which will reduce the transport cost and also save time Govt has decided to lavy 2 % cess on fuel. It was said that revenue will develop roadmaps, but although taxes were taken but nowhere development is seen. In this regard, a Congress leader said, Tripura Govt is unnecessarily imposing 24% tax whereas Central Govt imposed another 19% tax. If taxes of 12% by State Govt and 10% by Central Govt are being cut then the price will be downed at 60. In total now the fuel tax in Tripura is 43%.

When CM said it is achievement, it proves the brutal way of administration which is BJP’s policy, whereas in Left and Congress eras, public enjoyed more luxuries, less tax and also free-speech.

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