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'BJP can never digest facts', alleged CPI-M

AGARTALA, Dec 17 (TIWN): Hitting the double engine Govt of the BJP which assured to resolve issues in Tripura with massive Central fund flows, but ended by generating massive work crisis in state added by various poverty and hunger related deaths, CPI-M State Secretary Gautam Das on Monday said that when poverty has gripped the state, so many workers are not even getting wages even after working under MGNREGA for hardly gain few days.

“People are dying without works and foods, selling their babies leading so many suicides. Deeper economic crisis led a total family to die together recently in Simna”.

“In Simna, Paresh Tati and his wife committed suicide by poisoning their children. But BJP Govt’s Education Minister Ratanlal Nath attempted to contradict opposition leader Manik Sarkar after Manik Sarkar visited the victim’s house. Ratanlal Nath claimed they didn’t die out of poverty. Fact is, 2-days before this incident, Paresh Tati borrowed 1 kg rice from his mother in law but Ratanlal Nath introduced a new story. Problem is they (BJP party leaders) don’t know to accept the fact”, said Gautam Das.

BJP Govt is that level of anti-people that a businessman was bound to commit suicide in the city of Agartala. Unemployed youth has committed suicide too, said Gautam Das.

Das further hit the BJP Govt for stopping social pensions and now no more paying to the remaining beneficiaries.  

“New notices are going to stop social pensions further”, said Gautam Das.

“Commodity prices is too high and Onions are as if sold in Gold prices. Corporate friendly policy of BJP has hit the small scale businessmen hugely”, he added.

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