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‘After 86% Indians infected by AIDS’ comment, now Ratan Lal claims ‘Our Govt & CM extraordinary’ ! In contrary, Public slammed BJP Govt for closing 961 schools, highest unemployment in nation, massive failures from all fronts
TIWN Dec 16, 2019
‘After 86% Indians infected by AIDS’ comment, now Ratan Lal claims ‘Our Govt & CM extraordinary’ ! In contrary, Public slammed BJP Govt for closing 961 schools, highest unemployment in nation, massive failures from all fronts
PHOTO : Education Minister Ratanlal Nath addressing at Sukanta Academy. TIWN Pic Dec 16, 2019

AGARTALA, Dec 16 (TIWN): Ratan Lal’s regular gaffes, blatant lies now competing with Biplab Deb’s regular memes as both turned their Minister posts as mockery via loose comments to public. After yesterday’s major blunder, reflection of poor knowledge as Ratan Lal claimed India’s 86% people are infected with AIDS, today Ratan Lal claimed that ‘Our BJP Govt & CM are extraordinary’ in terms of vision but the fact is Tripura is in ruins on all fronts due to BJP Govt’s failures.Ratanlal Nath while addressing in Sukanta Academy for ‘Indira Bhattacharjee Memorial Merit award’ said that already whole country is considering Tripura’s new Education model and how NCERT was implemented in Tripura as a national model.NCERT has requested Indian Govt to make Tripura’s model as national model and also Govt of India has accepted that. Ratanlal Nath said, “I don’t want to follow other states but I want that other states should be following Tripura model. That is the reason we have started NCERT syllabus and within one year that we introduced NCERT syllabus from Class-1 to Class-12. No state thought that in one year NCERT syllabus can be started across India”. TIWN YouTube Link to see Ratanlal Nath’s speech on Educational model of Tripura,claimed accepted as national model.

“India has 85 lakhs of teachers and in our states around 41,000 teachers are there. We had hired experts to train a part of our teachers and then those trained-teachers trained around 30,000 teachers further here. Then Central Govt has published a Book where they have mentioned about Tripura’s successful drive, asked the whole country to follow the same”, said Nath claiming that Central Govt accepted the NCERT model implementation in Tripura as national model. 

On Saturday, Ratan Lal once again shocked a Quiz Competition participants by uttering that ‘India’s 86% population are infected by AIDS’ disease, whereas published Central Govt data shows only 0.03% AIDS infections in India. Same Ratan Lal commented in another programme that Tripura got 40 lakhs Teachers whereas Tripura’s population is 37 lakhs. Ratan Lal’s loose comments in various programs during evenings raising doubts over Minister’s mental health condition. TIWN YouTube Link to see Ratanlal Nath’s speech on AIDS percentage

Ratanlal Nath earlier came in media controversy after he visited schools, colleges in College hours and entered in class room with huge numbers of media persons, scolded, insulted students and various times ill-treated teachers and College principal. A school headmistress was bound to break down in tears after insulted by Nath before dozens of camera men.

Earlier, Ratanlal Nath was criticized for his claim that 14000 vacancies are in teaching and he can recruit if get qualified candidates and now over 2,000 TET qualified remained unemployed even after passing unbelievably tough, out of syllabus TET question-papers.

With various colourful dialogues and introductions, comparing the status of school numbers with other states, Tripura Education Minister Ratanlal Nath has announced to shutdown 961 schools by merging them with other schools in the name of "Quality Education". This decision was taken when thousands of unemployed youths are roaming jobless even after qualifying the TET Examination. Instead of recruiting teachers and staffs to mitigate the massive unemployment rate, Govt has taken decision to minimize numbers of schools and thus decade-long struggles of common men which constructed 961 schools across hills and plain areas of Tripura were announced to shutdown, which is another black-history painted by the BJP Govt by three factors losses to the common men. However, in damage repair Govt has announced transportation cost will be carried by the Govt.

On the one side, lack of schools in own areas automatically despairs the Educational awareness and on the other side chances of fresh recruitment and also hitting the local business related to the school either shops or vehicle drivers. 

Over 10,000 teachers can be recruited without compromising the quality education right now, but as nationwide economic disaster under Modi Govt hit the financial condition of the country, thus state Tripura too remains fundless led the State Govt first to impose taxes on common men and now shutting down of existing organizations. So far Modi Govt’s double engine not working at 19 months of the BJP Govt here.

Not only teachers but various types of staffs could be recruited in those schools but now what will happen to contractual workers as mid-day-meal, the Education dept didn't talk about that. 

But depriving unemployed job aspirants Govt’s this decision also to deprive hills, rural areas from the light of Education.

At least 8000 students are studying in those schools and generally hilly area’s schools will be less populated due to the population rate. What will be the future of those schools only the Govt knows.

This is another major failure of BJP Govt which could not maintain the educational institutions rather merging them when thousands of qualifying teachers are left unemployed.

But analysis says, this is totally a wrong decision and removing numbers of schools are only negative run of a Govt and total failure to keep the Educational tradition. There is no crisis of qualified youths who can recruit in those schools. Indeed, Tripura now tops in unemployment rate.

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