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After 20 months of BJP Govt, Tripura replaced ‘Cholo Paltai’ slogan with ‘Cholo Bhagaai’
TIWN Dec 16, 2019
After 20 months of BJP Govt, Tripura replaced ‘Cholo Paltai’ slogan with ‘Cholo Bhagaai’
PHOTO : Tripura BJP's election propaganda before election. File Photo.

AGARTALA, Dec 16 (TIWN): Former Congress President of Tripura Pradyot Debbarman had introduced a slogan which became hugely popular with “Cholo Ultai” phrase, however with his resign from Congress party, that “Cholo Ultai” has now changed into “Cholo Bhagaai” means let’s the BJP to flee from Tripura which fooled people in 2018 Assembly Election with fake promises and after 20 months of the situations are worse than the previous CPI-M Govt and a major section of public are repenting by falling in the trap of BJP’s “Cholo Paltai”. From economy to employment, all sectors are paralyzed under the BJP Govt. “Cholo Paltai” is a movement started by BJP’s former IT cell head Anupam Paul, who recently met a terrible ending by being arrested, jailed after he criticized the BJP Govt in power. In the similar way, journalists and netizens were arrested at uncountable numbers. Huge numbers of media houses were shutdown by the BJP Govt in last 20 months.Various promises like 50,000 Govt jobs in first year, resulted a total JUMLA and Govt had aimed to cancel recruitment.

At the same time, taxes imposed in various depts including scrapping of existing health care facility, water tax hike, electricity tariffs hikes. As a result public have now called for “Cholo Bhaai” for the BJP.

Report said, BJP has lost all grounds in state and without rigging can’t win a single election in Tripura.

BJP also introduced massive political violence, burning of houses, election rigging, booth capturing and MLAs led threatening to police in broad day lights. 

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