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‘Those who are worried about my Home Dept more than me, they need meditations actually’ : Biplab Deb
TIWN Dec 15, 2019
‘Those who are worried about my Home Dept more than me, they need meditations actually’ : Biplab Deb
PHOTO : CM Biplab Deb attended programme of Prajapita Brahma Kumari. TIWN Pic Dec 15, 2019

AGARTALA, Dec 15 (TIWN): Amid ongoing tensions in Tripura and 4 days of internet suspension, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb today while addressing in Prajapita Brahma Kumaris institution’s programme slammed his critics. He said that instead of thinking about his departments, they should go for meditation to the institutions like run by Prajapita Brahma Kumaris. CM mentioned, he observed few people are lecturing him via various political dais or media how to develop his departmental functions but such talks only creates ‘indiscipline’ in the state. He also targeted without mentioning name, if anyone wants to replace the Chief Minister then also indiscipline generates and it creates sorrows only inside the person who is thinking about it instead of focusing on own works. CM’s remark came after Tripura’s peril law and order is being making national media headlines along with Assam.

The Chief Minister further talked about how to be peaceful and described how Indian houses are controlled by actually women and not men, asserting further India is not at all a men-dominated culture.

On the other side, to the contrary to CM’s speech law and order in in peril in Tripura with increasing numbers of rapes, murders across the state. A youth named Diptanu Sarkar was killed brutally in the Kathaltali area in Agartala on Friday night.

Law and order is being deteriorated in Agartala city along with other parts of the state day by day, raising concerns more about the future days.

Tripura in less than 2 months, now Controversial CAB fully paralyzed Tripura : 4-days-violence, tension, strikes rattle poverty gripped Tripura further : No final solution yet 

AGARTALA, Dec 12 (TIWN): Tripura in last two decades hasn’t undergone such economic situations, poverty, starvation which recently led 6 starvation, poverty related deaths. When economic distresses tuned lives miserable, unnecessary sudden introduction of controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) has done the ultimate damage. Tripura name is nationally pronounced today due to its violence and emergency situations, trains, flights services are halted. The indefinite strike called by regional parties against CAB was called off after a meeting with Union Home Minister Amit Shah was assured but so far no permanent solution came out and the whether again there will strike, whether CAB related uncertainty among the indigenous people will be ended nothing can be said. Such situations were expected as regional parties not only cleared their stands against CAB but various protests took place against CAB for a long time. What happened due to CAB has only caused more distresses in the poverty gripped state further. A known Tripura, suddenly turned so unknown, so predictable, so intolerant caused massive violence related property losses, damages to the common men but those voices are unheard.

 Dhalai, Kanchanpur, Bisramganj severe losses caused in damages and not only common men were attacked but few agitators have been reported injured and one’s face was burnt in acid. How the Government to be helping them, it is under question mark.

CAB although has distracted certain minds from the economic situation but TIWN has continued its communication with the working classes and how the people of the capital city Agartala are undergoing.

After 3 days strike, today it was Congress’s strike which was called in protest against police’s brutality displayed on yesterday evening during an Anti-CAB protest.

Talking to a rickshaw driver in Agartala, he said, “I came in the City at around 12 noon and roaming across but could not manage yet 200 rupees. First I have to give Rs. 200 to the rickshaw owner and then I have to earn for me, but due to four days strike, we are devastated. How to gather the necessary amount which has to give to the owner and how to take moneys for my income? Sometimes, we can’t take money also at home and go in empty hands”.  (TIWN YouTube Link)

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