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JUMLA 2019 : 7 lakhs Jobs within first 30 months, but 20 months gone, no Jobs ! After 1 lakh Job promise from Cow Rearing, now Biplab promised ‘Rs. 700 crores from Pisciculture’
TIWN Dec 13, 2019
JUMLA 2019 : 7 lakhs Jobs within first 30 months, but 20 months gone, no Jobs ! After 1 lakh Job promise from Cow Rearing, now Biplab promised ‘Rs. 700 crores from Pisciculture’
PHOTO : Left : CM attends Fish Festival (Today), Right : CM's interview published in a newspaper (top), Unemployed youths standing in rows (down) (File Photos)

AGARTALA, Dec 13 (TIWN): 20 months old BJP Govt in Tripura from the very beginning promised to do for the people and 7 lakhs unemployed youths which will be something “different” but the ideas and economic theories although sounded “difference” but the actual difference it could introduce in the State Economy has only been “losses”, “Joblessness”, “crisis”, “poverty” generated resentments among the public and increasing irritations felt among mases against the Govt. Various promises were too done by Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb challenging the previous economic policy of the Communist Govt which led the State to be dependent on centre but the promises remained as promises only and no industry grew in Tripura in the last 20 months of the BJP Government, just like his promise of providing 7 lakhs jobs in first one year, 1 lakh earning per year by rearing cows, duck rearing, ship-business with Bangladesh via Gomati river. (YouTube Link, CM's speech : Rs. 700 crores profit per year by stopping the money to go outside the state)

Under MGNREGA, the previous Govt made various water-bodies, started pisciculture and gained prizes too but not introducing anything new with that CM Biplab Deb today while addressing at the Fish Festival complained about unscientific fish farming and opted for a developed pisiculture to lead a Rs. 700 crore’s of profit in the state under “Made-in-Tripura”. But question raises, when the Government could not be consisted with a single promise and vision, how Rs. 700 crores profit will be received. Right now, Tripura reels under slowdown with hefty tax-charges imposed upon the common men. (Click TIWN YouTube Link)

BJP Govt before voted to power in Tripura promised in written document that it will give 50000 govt jobs within one year of the Govt formation but the Govt only could gave around 1400 jobs reportedly along with thousands of terminations. 

Chief Minister Biplab Deb on his maiden visit to Delhi after swearing-in gave an interview to Times of India(ToI) Journalist Mohua Chatterjee promising 7 lakhs Job creation within first 30 months which was published to ToI & many other national media on March 23,2018. 

National media & TIWN were skeptical on Biplab Deb’s gigantic claims but after 5 months of poor governance it is crystal clear that Chief Minister only thrown FAKE promises to fool media & masses as nowhere near 7 Lakhs Job creation is possible within 30 months. 

What was done in 20 months were starvation deaths and huge numbers of unnatural deaths, suicides in poverty and in job-tension.

Tripura Govt so far in 20 months failed to fetch any extra funds from Central Govt even to honour the pre-poll promises in vision document, new Job creation remained a far fetched dream.

When Congress has challenged that,  the newly elected BJP Govt in Tripura will be failure to generate Employment in Tripura, BJP Govt is instead of reacting on Congress's allegations launching IIIT like institutions in Tripura from this academic year.

CM Biplab Deb challenged to create 7 lakh employment in next 30 months and to the Central Govt also the Chief Minister urged to implement employment policy and create quotas for Northeast youths while recruiting in Central Govt's scheme. But the tensions of unemployed youths are not ending as youths are expecting Govt job from the Chief Minister.

Time of India Interview ; Biplab Deb promised 7 Lakhs Jobs within 30 months

Chief Minister Biplab Deb in a reply to a Job aspirant on April 18,2018 said, "Interview will be called in your field and on that time attempt for the job with full preparation".  CM while addressing in Skill Development programme on April 18,2018 said that many youths are coming to him demanding govt jobs. 

But according to year-wide data of the labour commission, Tripura tops in unemployment rate among all states and UTsTripura Newspapers front page news on Biplab Deb's tall promise of 7 Lakhs Jobs within 30 months

Tripura’s new Chief Minister has however claimed the BJP Govt will be able to generate 7 lakh employed in 30 months and also various initiatives are being taken to curb the unemployment rate.

Question is how Biplab Deb will fulfill his promise of creating 7 Lakhs Jobs within 30 months when nothing was done in past 20 months ? 

A magic wand or fooling masses with FAKE promises till the 2019 Lok Sabha Election ???  

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