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Profit-Drought markets signaling massive Economic Disasters approaching towards Tripura
TIWN Dec 13, 2019
Profit-Drought markets signaling massive Economic Disasters approaching towards Tripura
PHOTO : Lack of customers hits vegetable markets in Agartala. TIWN Pic Dec 13, 2019

AGARTALA, Dec 13 (TIWN): Critical state of affairs across markets in Tripura rural and urban bodies, aided by massive business losses at No-Customer, So-Sale like situations generating worries as if an Economic disaster is approaching towards. Although Government and mainstream media have chosen to escape from the reality of the economic situations but markets depicting a profit-drought like situations allover.To have accounts of the markets, TIWN surveyed various markets in capital city Agartala but major areas of the Agartala city remained max-empty, less gathered. Vegetable markets which are on heated pans of high price tags, alleged by businessmen “Profit-Drought” situation.It is happening due to down in rural economy and pauses in MGNREGA work-flows and other facilities and price hikes added by slash of daily-workers’ demands in the middle class families. Commodity price hikes downed the demands of man-powers house to house and it was reported before 6 months how even the daily workers at the Battala returning without getting any labour.

A vegetable seller told media in down voice, wet eyes, “Our businesses are running at huge losses. To arrange two times “bhaat” (rice) have become toughest jobs. We poor people are undergoing massive crisis and pains. Nothing to say, no one to listen”.

“Not only me, but all sellers are in distress. We are sitting here from the morning with vegetables but not a single customer came to me. Sun to rain, at any situation we are waiting for customers but nobody is coming”, he said, added, “If people can help us jointly, we can survive”.

The garment markets were also in same situation in last 2 months which has lightly developed after 1st day of the month but it could not fill up the losses which the businessmen are undergoing.

This is however, a part of national economic crisis as Govt of India’s debt just in the first quarter year is now Rs. 88.18 lakhs crores and GDP at massive down, unemployment is highest in last 75 years followed by India’s most costly Lok Sabha Election.


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