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Tripura goes through 4 days long strike due to CAB
TIWN Dec 12, 2019
Tripura goes through 4 days long strike due to CAB
PHOTO : Tripura Strike observed by Congress Party today. TIWN Pic Dec 12, 2019

AGARTALA, Dec 12 (TIWN): After continuous 3 days long strike by regional parties against Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) which was called off yesterday evening, Tripura Youth Congress had called 24 hours strike which has turned the state immovable on Day-4.

The situation erupted all due to Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) introduction which is termed as "communal" in nature by opposition parties and intellectuals of the nation. 

As regional parties have called off strike and Congress’s protest was for today so expected situation to be developed by tomorrow as no more strike in schedule.

CPI-M’s indigenous wing GMP has too cancelled a scheduled programme on 14th December for the sake of law and order.

Shops, business centers, institutions remained shuttered-down in response to the strike.

Vehicle movements are too halted, whereas public were seen using motor bikes maximum for personal uses.

Huge numbers of securities have been deployed to hold the peace in the State and across Congress Bhawan (main headquarter), security blankets are covered.

The strike was reportedly necessitated in protest against police brutality displayed on Wednesday evening when sudden lathi-charge injured 3 persons seriously during Congress led ‘Anti-CAB movement’ at the Post Office Chowmuhani. 

Train services were halted whereas due to Assam issue operations in Agartala MBB Airport too halted for a while. The full report has not come yet. 

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