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CAB hits Northeast : Massive protest against CAB in Agartala, Police force used to stop movement
TIWN Dec 10, 2019
CAB hits Northeast : Massive protest against CAB in Agartala, Police force used to stop movement
PHOTO : Protest against CAB in Agartala today. TIWN Pics Dec 10, 2019

AGARTALA, Dec 10 (TIWN): Anti-CAB movements instigating more protests in Tripura, whereas more numbers of agitators are getting inspired by NESO and other regional parties led “Joint Movement” have been continuing their protests in the state on Day-2. Leaders of the agitator group said that they will be continuing their protests against CAB at any cost and will not stop till the Government of India (GOI) doesn’t drop the bill. Today while agitating, leader of the regional party said the Govt of India did not pay any respect to the voice of the indigenous people in Tripura and instead of listening to them, it decided to discriminate the Northeast by keeping their sentiments and voices unheard. Police today displayed sorts of brutality as no agitator today was ready to withdraw protest but police by force were seen had arrested all the agitators as order came from the upper level.

(1)CAB is discriminatory on its basis as it has targeted to give citizenship on religion base identity which is totally against Indian constitution and freedom fight movement.

(2) Secondly, before the Lok Sabha Election, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that no CAB will be implemented in Northeast India and as a result a massive support from the regional parties came to the BJP. After the election, a total discrimination was shown to the Northeast too by not listening to the political, regional parties here. Click TIWN YouTube Link to see statement by regional party leader

Various regional parties have called for protest against CAB and Congress, CPI-M too have given green signal to the protest in Tripura too.

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