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After 2018’s AIIMS Hospital plan bites dust, new Apollo Hospital dream begins in 2019
TIWN Dec 2, 2019
After 2018’s AIIMS Hospital plan bites dust, new Apollo Hospital dream begins in 2019
PHOTO : Left : Promise of AIIMS in 2018, Right : Preparation for Apollo hospital in 2019

AGARTALA, Dec 2 (TIWN): As Lok Sabha Election JUMLA ended with one of the fake news spread by BJP Govt with lots of dramas to create AIIMS hospital here in Tripura, now ahead of ADC Election, new talks have been started about Apollo hospital, which according to the CM to increase patients’ arrival even from neighboring Bangladesh.If it happens also Apollo is a private hospital whereas AIIMS like hospitals could be helpful to the local people as the state is poverty gripped and suffering by scrapping of free medical services in all Govt hospitals. Today CM Biplab Deb held a meeting with Appollo Hospitals Group on his visit to Agartala, whereas before the meeting, on yesterday while addressing at the GB hospital auditorium Deb said once Apollo hospital comes it will increase Tripura’s growth rates and patients from Bangladesh will boost economy.Earlier, the same dialogues were given while propagating AIIMS hospital in Tripura but like other states also it was one more JUMLA of the Modi Govt. Now, question raises what will be the future of AAIMS hospital, although it was only which reported in details how BJP led Central Govt had been fooling the masses in the name of AIIMS hospital across India.

Already under Chief Minister Biplab Deb biggest ever health dept scam was exposed in Cancer medicine buying, in a verdict in Tripura High Court confirmed the irregularities while giving tenders to Reliance Company which had no manufacturing experience.

When AIIMS was promised to Tripura before Lok Sabha Election, TIWN reported that Biplab Deb Govt was going rudderless without any clear picture drew for the development ahead of Lok Sabha Election and hence AIIMS  like hospital promise is same.

 Without any fund allocation from Centre, Chief Minister Biplab Deb hit media headline with possible future of AIIMS like hospital in Tripura but so far no funding was cleared after various visits of Chief Minister at Delhi.

Such fake promises are type of election tool used in the same way by promises of 13 AIIMS, which were supposed to be completed within 48 months after 2014.

News Media ‘India Today’ filed a Right to Information (RTI) query with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

The response to RTI revealed that no funds have yet been allocated even after 4 years to five of the approved 13 AIIMS by the Modi government.

So far, BJP led State Govt has imposed taxes on Health Service, scraping all free medical services which were available till Biplab Deb takes charge of the Health Ministry. 

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