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Over thousand NET / SET Qualified youths left jobless in Tripura : Quality Education hit at Colleges
TIWN July 30, 2019

AGARTALA, July 30 (TIWN): Even though a new Govt BJP has taken charge, but unemployment toll has hiked too high and already many are near to be overaged. When state govt appointed thousands of guest lecturers in the past few years with the excuse of teachers crisis, in reality NET, SLET Qualified youths are not being appointed in Colleges, even though in 2017's ending TPSC called candidates at last following constant pressures from various sides.

Since many years, there was no  proper recruitment in Colleges and especially since last 5 years the NET, SLET qualified youths have been suffering the most. Maximum are bound to work as Guest Lecturers and after many protests also Govt remained in slumber. 

On the other side, the guest lecturers have demanded job security for them.

The guest lecturers placed their demands as :

1)     Permanent post of the lectureship  of all existing guest lecturers are to be fulfilled,

2)     Re-engagement of those who were excluded in the previous session instead of having several years of teaching experience as guest lecturers.

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