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Ratan Lal’s manipulations saved Criminal MLA Ram Prasad Pal from arrest or appearance after HC July 26 order : Ram Prasad Pal’s car spotted in HC complex, MLA escaped court appearance
TIWN July 29, 2019
Ratan Lal’s manipulations saved Criminal MLA Ram Prasad Pal from arrest or appearance after HC July 26 order : Ram Prasad Pal’s car spotted in HC complex, MLA escaped court appearance
PHOTO : Left : MLA Ram Prasad Pal's car inside High Court, Photo inset : Ram Prasad Pal, Right : Tripura High Court, Photo inset : Ratanlal Nath.

AGARTALA, July 29 (TIWN): Once again criminals winning against weak Legal system. BJP Minister Ratanlal Nath is striving hard to save criminal MLA Ram Prasad Pal who is infamous for poll-rigging, threatening IPS, TPS officers and expert in creating clashes among own party people. After Ratanlal Nath on July 27 told state media that Ram Prasad Pal’s hearing was a ‘mistake’ now finally, Govt PP desperately told media that BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal has not come to the court for attendance as ‘question doesn’t arise for MLA’s presence’. He lightly said, it was confusion and mistake centering few cases filed in Amtali police station and then he said, ‘No official from High Court has passed the court notice to Ram Prasad Pal for his appearance. So he didn’t appear'. Surprisingly, media spotted his vehicle in the court with number TR01 BE 0 666. BJP Minister Ratanlal Nath talking behalf of the MLA, unfortunately the Minister not for a single time talked for the victims who dared to file case against Ram Prasad Pal.

Former Congress MLA and now BJP Law Minister Ratanlal Nath challenged High Court’s hearing as confusing after it asked police to arrest MLA Ram Prasad Pal if he fails to present in the court by today 2 pm. He challenged that he would take the issue to Chief Justice of High Court etc. 

Tripura High Court ordered police to arrest MLA Ram Prasad Pal immediately or asked the accused MLA to remain present in Court on Monday (today).  In the last hearing on July 26, police was asked by High Court Justice Arindam Lodh why he is not taking appropriate action against the main accused (Ram Prasad Pal) even after his name is among the accused name list in Lok Sabha Election post poll violence ? Police didn’t take action against MLA and his team against whom first case was lodged but police arrested the victims against whom the MLA filed case later.  But addressing media, Nath said “I am very much confused with High Court’s order. The case was about bail plea of an accused and this order was given to another case’s accused persons”.

Nath said, he is saying based on his knowledge on law and raised question, who will implement the act under Court’s order as the case was placed demanding bails of other case’s persons. There were three cases filed in Amtali PS but police arrested allegedly the victims after MLA Ram Prasad filed another case against the victim party, which is according to source is totally baseless. Court also asked police, why no action was taken against the main accused.  The BJP MLA created the controversy and FIR has been lodged against him for assaulting a housewife and beaten her husband. The victim family is also BJP supporting family and members of the party. The case no in Amtali PS : 2019 AMT 069, U/S-326/ 307/ 354 (B)/ 506/ 34 A IPC. According to the complainer, on 23rd May (Election result out day) Ramprasad Pal beaten one Ajit Nama’s with his mafia-circle at Siddhi Asram market. They attacked Ajit Nama with sharp knife. When he was beaten in an open market, public rushed to the spot and his wife attempted to save him but the miscreants assaulted her and then beaten her. However, even after the FIR no action has been taken by Amtali police although strong charges have been imposed against the MLA and the attack took place in an open market.  With all these, loopholes of investigation, High Court has warned Tripura Police to take neutral action immediately, proving nobody is above the law.  Earlier, Ram Prasad Pal’s alleged smuggler brother Mana Pal also faced an FIR after he beaten Congress candidates during election season but after FIR, Ram Prasad Pal holding press meet declared victims as accused and forced police to take action against victims. 

2 times, Ram Prasad Pal caught in camera threatening police officers to leave election spots so that he can continue mass-rigging and he successfully removed forces from voting places.  

Today PP Babul Chowdhury said the whole thing was held by “Mistake”. He didn't give details about whose mistake and what mistake. PP’s claim of court’s mistake only in the time of ruling MLA has depressed democracy nodoubtedly but question raises, whether such embarrassing situation where media found MLA’s car outside isn’t it an utter shame for the BJP Govt, caused by MLA Ram Prasad Pal due to his continuous controversial actions and misusing of power ?

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