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Why Pratima Bhowmik placing demands in Parliament which are already underway ? Is she hijacking Govt’s good works in her credit ?
TIWN July 28, 2019
Why Pratima Bhowmik placing demands in Parliament which are already underway ? Is she hijacking Govt’s good works in her credit ?
PHOTO : Pratima Bhowmik addressing in Parliament.

AGARTALA, July 28 (TIWN): Parliament is an important place for placing a state’s demands, but based on confirmed sources’ allegations BJP MP Pratima Bhowmik (became MP via rigging) is allegedly using it to stage herself before central govt either to become the next Chief Minister or to be a Central Minister, paving her way to hold power of Tripura. Such allegations from BJP section, also signals infighting in the party which earlier cleaned a Minister from the cabinet but the infighting could not be cleaned as so many MLAs now want to become Minister and a little few dreaming to be CM also.

The first allegation came against Pratima Bhowmik but TIWN didn’t publish after she placed Delhi-Agartala train demand in Parliament as this project started in time Suresh Prabhu’s aviation Ministry and here so many follow-ups went under CM BIplab Deb, but once it was sanctioned, she gave press release that due to her demand in Parliament the flight service was given.

Same, she did with super-specialty hospital issue. Super-speicality hospital project is very old project and land-selections are also underway and central govt already approved it, but she allegedly hijacked CM’s health economic theory of earning revenue from Bangladesh patients, otherwise, why she didn’t mention that patient would come from Bangladesh is CM’s thinking ?

Moreover, she said, “Superspecialist” hospital, later corrected by another MP “Superspeciality”.

There was absolutely no reason to highlight those issues which are already underway under Govt, rather she could place 10323 teachers’ issue, regularization whom she is trying to control inside state.

TIWN has video evidence where she is urging people saying, “I am opening MP office in Agartala. The way you go to Ministers, please contact me, come to me. I will solve your problems”.

Her talks in Parliament was raising laughter due to her pathetic oratory skill, but she continued until the speaker stopped her by calling another MP’s name.

CPI-M had better control on MPs and what they would speak at Parliament it is decided from the state as afterall MPs are to highlight state’s serious problems.

Pratima Bhowmik, a defeated Assembly Election candidate won Lok Sabha Election via mass-rigging without any credibility. She is famous for threatening IPS officer for murder. She was under trail in 2014 in a murder case.  

Recently she said in tough tune, “Journalists are afraid to come in my vehicle as my minimum speed is 80”.

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