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Agartala Flyover Inauguration Delay : Biplab Deb asks reason behind Badal Chaudhury’s ‘headache’ to open flyover fast
TIWN July 22, 2019
Agartala Flyover Inauguration Delay : Biplab Deb asks reason behind Badal Chaudhury’s ‘headache’ to open flyover fast

AGARTALA, July 22 (TIWN): After CPI-M Govt’s former PWD Minister Badal Chaudhury revealed RTI’s clean chit to Agartala flyover construction, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb on Monday has raised question while addressing at Kumarghat Pineapple export pogramme why the former PWD Minister is having problems with the delay with flyover inauguration and what is the cause of his super-urgency for flyover’s inauguration. Deb said, the person is showing extra headache for flyover inauguration because it was his dept. He further signaled, not only flyover, total 6 projects are now under vigilance to dig the corruptions in CPI-M Govt’s time. Rs. 850 crore’s roadway projects will also be investigated and each and every corrupt person will be brought under the bar. “The previous Govt had neither any plan nor kept proper balance sheet for the projects. Before Election, I promised people to punish corrupt people and I will keep the promise”, Deb said. Biplab Deb also said, there will be actions against nursing courses corruption due to which state’s students were sent to unauthentic colleges.

The statement came from Biplab Deb after Badal Chaudhury on Sunday said that RTI report has proven flyover as an uncorrupted project and engineers had done great jobs with flyover, urging the State Govt to start the flyover at the earliest.

However Biplab Deb didn’t counter the RTI claim but mentioned, all PWD works will be invested took place under the previous Govt.

Former PWD Minister Badal Chaudhury, slamming the BJP Govt for not opening flyover said on yesterday, RTI report on Agartala’s under construction flyover proves, such allegations are baseless and just to delay the project with unknown intention. The former PWD Minister stated,

Chaudhury also said, “We accept that flyover work was not completed in our regime 100%, but in 2 months it can be completed as maximum part of the flyover was completed. But BJP Govt has not gone in that direction, rather started making people afraid saying that anytime any accident may happen if the flyover is opened. Then, the Govt handed over it to CSIR, CRRA which are now same organizationS under central Govt On 21st July, 2018 subjected to structural safety and safety audit report, but the report came in favour of flyover construction”.

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