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Panchayat Poll Violence : ‘Biplab Deb must stop to be Proud of Fake Election Winnings’, says Jitendra Chaudhury
TIWN July 6, 2019
Panchayat Poll Violence : ‘Biplab Deb must stop to be Proud of Fake Election Winnings’, says Jitendra Chaudhury
PHOTO : Left Party leaders held press meet. TIWN Pic July 6, 2019

AGARTALA, July 6 (TIWN): After South Tripura massive violence and attacks on CPI-M candidates, leaders today injuring at least 6, the Left parties leaders met State Election Commissioner G K Rao.

Former MP Jitendra Chaudhury has told media today that State Election Commissioner G K Rao is receiving various humiliating messages from other states centering polls.G K Rao has allegedly said, he is tied under various pressures and in September 2018 election also he could not function due to such pressures.

Jitendra Chaudhury said, “Today whole state is angry, resented. Just before few days BJP won hugely in the Lok Sabha Election, but why are they afraid so much with Panchayat Election ??  Why BJP is dependent upon goons ?”

“Doesn’t it prove that the elections held before not in confidence of BJP ? They won by various means but not by public faith ?”, asked Chaudhury.

Addressing media, CPI-M State General Secretary Gautam Das said, “In our state centering Panchayat election nomination submissions are going on. But like previous elections, this election is also under attempt of turning into a farce just like September 2018’s Panchayat election, where elected leaders were bound to resign from posts and 96% seats were won by BJP without nominations”.

“In Lok Sabha Election also they did the same. Terror of the BJP was less at the beginning of the ongoing election, but it’s increasing now. Attacks started from Khowai on June last month. On July 2nd, attack was held upon Sonamura’s CPI-M leaders and 6 injured including former and Elected MLAs”, he said.

Das further described attacks at Dharmanagar, North District’s various spots, Dukli.

At Dukli BJP supporters tore nomination papers of the candidates but on being asked, BDO said he did not see anything.

In Dhalai also same attacks took place and in South Tripura massive attacks reported.

 Today also in a similar manner, they attacked CPI-M leaders, including MLA Sudhan Das at Rajnagar of Belonia.

6 candidates injured today at Belonia. Few were saved after they took shelter in BSF camp. They were not allowed to take in hospital and later all took shelter in MLA Sudhan Das’s home. Sudhan Das’s mother fell sick but the goons didn’t allow her also to take in hospitals.

Jitendra Chaudhury slammed CM Biplab Deb saying, pride of such fake winning would not last long. 

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