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'Indian’s high population has turned into blessing from burden in Modi era', says, CM Biplab Deb
TIWN July 5, 2019
'Indian’s high population has turned into blessing from burden in Modi era', says, CM Biplab Deb
PHOTO : CM Biplab Deb addressing at prajna Bhawan. TIWN Pic July 5

AGARTALA, July 5 (TIWN): Chief Minister Biplab Deb on Friday attending the workshop on "Arbitration and Conciliation" at Prajna Bhawan, Agartala said that under Prime Minister Modi, India’s population is no more considered as burden, rather it has become "blessing".

“PM Modi is a different person but still at the beginning he was criticized by many. However, with every different person it happens. Always India’s population was counted as a curse, but only Prime Minister Modi could see that 65% of the population are youths in India and his Vision with Young Indians today has set examples”, said CM at Prajna Bhawan.

“PM Modi has targeted GDP growth. That’s why Tripura is also focused on tourism, because tourism is the biggest sector for GDP growth”, he added.

“Transportation cost will be downed and thus with Bangladesh deals have been done to ease the transport. Waterways between Tripura-Bangladesh will diminish the price rate. In next 10 years, infrastructure will be massively developed, because nothing has been done to develop infrastructure”, Deb said.

“Earlier, a situation was created in Tripura that in Delhi separate planet’s people are sitting. The loss of the gap between state and centre was burden for the people but helped a section of people (Politicians). They did it for their own benefits. One has to sacrifice all egos and talk to centre properly and then only centre will act. I am ready to sit on the ground at Delhi if it is for Tripura’s development”, CM said.

Deb further criticized previous Communist Govt for MGNREGA scams. He also promises, what is called expertise system, he will show it in Tripura. 

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