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Tarnishing image of ‘Gurus’ again in Tripura : Education Minister slams School Teachers on camera, BJP releases video in Facebook
TIWN July 4, 2019
Tarnishing image of ‘Gurus’ again in Tripura : Education Minister slams School Teachers on camera, BJP releases video in Facebook
PHOTO : Screenshot from viral video

AGARTALA, July 4 (TIWN): In the show off media industry, Tripura’s teachers are insulted again and again on camera and this time, Education Minister Ratanlal Nath in his viral videos is seen asking teachers, “Do you know, what should be done with you?” This incident happened when Education Minister gave a surprise visit in Bodhjungangar school and asked teachers to say the numbers of drop-out students class-wise for which teachers were not prepared. He visited in the name of checking drop out students. Minister also shouted on teachers, “Keep your head cool”. Such videos were passed through internet in students’ hands, which has raised question what the Education Dept is getting by exposing internal issues in social media leading tarnishing of teachers’ image before students, before society. Generally photography is held before the meeting starts in any internal official gathering, but as if for cheap publicity the highest respected profession of the society is today defamed due to irresponsible attitude of the Dept, specially the Minister.

Other cabinet Ministers of Tripura including Jishnu Dev Verman, Pranajit Singha Roy, Santana Chakma, NC Debbarma, Mebar Jamatia, Manoj Kanti Deb were never seen in kind of publicity but even after multiple times being criticized Nath continued such activities.

Without insulting teachers to prove him a “hero”, the Minister easily could brief the situation before media separately once meeting ends.

On the one side, teachers’ crisis has turned teaching profession as the most stressful profession and other side, insults of teachers are going on undisrupted which affects students thought process also about teachers.

The questions and comments of Nath were :

1)    How many children do you have ? If you can say how many children you have, why don’t you know about how many students in Arts ?

2)    He shouted, do you know what should be done with you ?

3)    Keep your heads cool,

4)    I know who is doing what in the school,

Now question is in which developed country, Ministers / Governors’ do like this ? Moreover, surrounding the class room  of the school local people, BJP people, media all were seeing the activities.

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