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Netizens experienced unbelievable attacks on Citizens’ Rights as Tripura Police booked news-readers for ‘liking’, ‘commenting’, ‘sharing’ news against BJP and Biplab Deb
TIWN May 3, 2019
Netizens experienced unbelievable attacks on Citizens’ Rights as Tripura Police booked news-readers for ‘liking’, ‘commenting’, ‘sharing’ news against BJP and Biplab Deb
PHOTO : Tripura CM Biplab Deb. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, May 3 (TIWN): Motormouth is malfunctioning, snatching each citizens’ rights. Unseating 25 years Communist Govt, Tripura voted BJP in power for development and ‘rule of law’, but within one year of ending the voters now shocked with experienced of Biplab Deb Govt whom they voted to power. Economic crisis whereas gripped the state, unemployment highest than ever, netizens here are facing tremendous pressure even massive legal cases, threats and arrests. Congress has threatened Tripura Police to stop illegal harassment to people for liking and sharing news. Congress leader Pijush Kanti Biswas on Thursday evening in a press conference has warned Tripura Police to stay under law as police have no right to arrest facebook users for sharing news.

Congress leader Advocate Pijush Kanti Biswas addressing media said, “The defamation case itself is illegal. The defamed person himself has to file case against an accused, but here instead of CM Biplab Deb, other persons have filed a case on his behalf. Moreover, police have no role to play here”. 

“Various national media has filed same news. Instead of filing case against the news agency, the police have filed FIRs against those who liked/ shared the comments. This is ridiculous. Across India lakhs of people have read, passed the news. So will all be arrested ?”, Pijush Kanti Biswas said.

Biplab Deb who recently came under controversy after his ongoing divorce case came in national media limelight and in attempt to prove the allegation against him wrong, Biplab Deb stated massive arrests, illegal cases to be filed against journalists and facebook users.

On the other side, MGNREGA works are almost nil, social pension is now stopped unemployment rate is at 25% which was 11% in 2018 January month.

At the same time, amid video proves BJP goons are not arrested, neither any case is being filed against them. Brutal murders are going on everyday and law and order at peril. Public are now afraid of raise their voice even to post anything in Facebook.

“We (Congress) have no interest to talk on the grounds of Chief Minister’s family issues. Rather its BJP which day-nights holds politics with family issues. The main target is Rahul Gandhi’s family. We don’t want to go in the debate whether the news on Biplab Deb’s personal matter is right or wrong but what we want to say is that the Govt must follow the law”, Pijush Biswas told media.


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